a 4 hour oil change...


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brought my car in today at 330 for an oil change. i live just down the road so it was the closest place other than costco...big mistake. the guy at the counter told me 2 and a half hours max, not a big deal since i had some stuff i had to do at home. first off the guy was a prick. it sounded like he was trying to discourage me from getting my car serviced there. i got a ride home, cut the grass, had a shower, did this did that. 720 rolls around and my ride has to go out at 730 so i grabbed a ride back to see whats going on. my cars still parked in #2, odd. i open it up and i see the sticker wasnt changed. now im pretty pissed off. i go inside and wait behind 2 others. the first lady claims to have bought a riding lawn mower and trailer from them not long ago and now the tires popped. she needs either a new tire or tube. the guy at the counter says we dont sell tires like that. the lady says "this is canadian TIRE and you dont sell TIRES for a lawnmower i bought here?" he says "nope". this continues and finally she says she will go somewhere else. the next lady says "i have a leak in my car can you look at it?" he says "we arent taking any more cars, you can come back another day" she says "well my cars leaking i dont know what it is" the guy responds with the brilliant response of "is there something wrong with it?" as you can see this guys a real einstein. this continues and finally she says ill go to a real mechanic shop. now its my turn. i tell him i brought my car in at 330, its now 730 and no call? you told me 2 and a half hours tops. he says "oh your cars done let me grab the keys". before he has a chance to move i tell him "oh really? my car hasnt moved yet and doesnt have the new oil sticker". he then says "let me check", grabs the board and says "oh you car will be next, it will be done within an hour" (grand total of....5 hours!!!). i told him to give me my keys, had a few choice words and left.
the manager has a nice voicemail waiting for him in his office tomorrow morning
i dont care HOW busy you are, a 4 hour wait for a 15 minute job is inexcusable.
i guess its no worse then when my gf's boss went there to get a tire changed and they said no one working can change a tire?