no matter what you post here it will never be correct LOL Don't take it personally. You've at some point represented Canadian Tire which means you represent the enemy in the minds of these guys.

I've been at this for many years as a consultant, Service Manager, General Manager and Dealer and they still don't believe anything lol as if they know my business and the rules i'm governed by, better then i do.
Not to worry CT Challenger, CTH8R and DavidLER will tell you everything you need to know about the job you know how to and the company you worked for. They know everything.

"OK, so, like, anything I ever posted? That was like, later proven to be, ya know, totally wrong? I really just meant to give the right answer was all along - whatever that was. You know?"


Well at least I'm good enough to admit that I was wrong.
CTS posted incorrect information, and failed to correct it.

Instead, it was up to a customer to post the correct information for her.

Not a very good job of 'helping' - unless the goal is to help the store keep the customer's money, LOL!

I see consumers are being sarcastically portrayed as know-it-alls, suggesting that they have posted incorrect information.

Yet no evidence of this has been presented on this thread! Pretty funny!

Based on this track record, I'd trust the consumers, over the self-serving employees, any day of the week.

Note: the goal here is to inform consumers, and warn them of the risks of dealing with Crappy Tire. It certainly is NOT to train employees (although the evidence shows they could sure learn a thing or two from the consumers who post here, LOL!)
I am not sarcastic in my portrayal of the few of you that still come here. (H8R, Challenger & LER)
I'm dead serious in my portraly of you as know it all's

You've made it pretty clear over many months, that you think you know the rules and laws that my business is governed by, better then I do, better then my lawyer does, better then 480 other Dealers and better then CT's gang of lawyers in Toronto.

no joke! no joke at all.
YOu really think you're an expert and an advocate. you're not
It must be pretty embarrassing that the Crappy People are proven to be wrong, over and over again, by ordinary consumers.

Especially when they keep claiming (again without any proof) that they are somehow tied to Crappy Tire, and therefore should know better. So sad!

The term "know it all" is indeed an example of sarcasm - something else the Crappy People are wrong about. It suggests that the person is inaccurate. Yet no convincing evidence has been offered.

Nice back-pedalling, though.

There's really nothing wrong with consumers posting truthful statements, and then backing them up. Crappy people would be wise to learn from their example!

But there's plenty wrong with the way Crappy People continue to post dubious statments, then fail to provide any evidence to back up those claims.

(Hey, where's all the evidence you said you had, about every single battery retailer in Canada? Still waiting! Oh, and I guess it needs an update by now, since there must be some new battery retailers to investigate. You'd better get to it!)

And worse than the unsubstantiated claims, are the out-right untruthful statements that Crappy People keep posting, but refusing to recant. Plenty of examples of that.

Nice job, Crappy People!

Very nice indeed!
YOu really think you're an expert and an advocate

Nope - no consumers ever made those claims.

Only that this information is available to anyone who wants to look for it, and it contradicts the crap the Crappy People want consumers to believe.

The Crappy Person needs to listen closely this time:

We're just ordinary consumers, trying to help each other out, and expose the many false claims of the Crappy People.

You've made it pretty clear over many months, that you think you know the rules and laws that my business is governed by, better then I do

Consumers have been posting about Onwer 1 for "many months", huh?

Even though they've only been posting as "Owner 1" since mid-November?

Since when does "2" count as "many"??

Unless they've been posting here longer than the 2 months!

So, this is really a confession that "Owner 1" is just CT-Me/LawGuy, posting under yet another name!

Not that this is surprising at all, LOL!
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Perhaps have you bothered to call the company to ask for an r.a. Number first before calling this cashier out? Doesn't sound like it to me? :adoration:

It's not at all clear what post you are responding to.

I would agree that nobody should be 'calling out' a cashier over the crappy quality of the products Crappy Tire procures, the crappy return policies that CTC allows its dealers to skate by on, or the lack of training the cashiers receive before being thrown into the fray with consumers.

But there are more things to,consider when returning a defective or unsatisfactory product than just getting a Return Authorization Numbers. For instance, there are retail law and consumer protection legislation that can help a customer. Plus a good company would help out its customers, not just leave them to fend for themselves with a possibly reluctant manufacturer, chosen by CTC.
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My point was simply that as employees we are instructed on the rules, regulations and company standards with regards to returning items to the store. Certain companies require R.A numbers and some companies ct deals with will either exchange items for a one time exchange or send the item out to be repaired (vacuums). I am well aware that there are consumer laws in the retail industry with regard unsatisfactory merchandise. I have been in retail at different levels for many years. I suggested that you contact the company yourself as a means of getting better results, if you are unsatisfied with the return policies at c.t. Simply to save yourself the grief of not getting what you want, nor your money back.
Dealing with the manufacturer, including getting an RA number, is certainly an option, and might be easier in some situations.

However, the sale of goods acts and consumer protection legislation require the retailer to be accountable to the customer, and do not require consumers to deal with manufacturers at all.

Although it makes sense for the store to turn around and sue the manufacturer, if the store was forced to help a customer, and so lost some money.
Each manufacturing company had their own specific guidelines to the consumer. You can't say that all manufactures across the board have to follow what is in legislative law to the consumer. You would then be stating that all companies must abide by this rule! That isn't the case when you deal with other companies, like the ones online, that you purchase items from that are faulty. I have dealt with several companies ( big chain stores) to the little guy you buy items from on line. I have had to call some of the manufacturers myself to get R.a numbers to return faulty merchandise. If you state this legislative law then why is it other companies get away with this practise. You can't simply point out that ct is the only company that faults this rule, there are others! As a consumer of any product that I buy that is faulty irregardless of where I buy it from, if it means that I'm out of pocket for money of something I bought that was faulty. I'd go after what I lost, even if it meant getting an R.a. Number.
It sounds like we both agree, that sometimes the consumer might have to 'bit the bullet', and go through the manufacturer for an RMA, if the retailer isn't cooperating. But a wise person would be cautious about dealing with such a retailers (CT?) ever again.

And it also sounds like you want the talk a lot about manufacturers and their policies. But, since CT isn't a manufacturer, maybe there's another web site that are better suited for your comments?
My point was very simple, it's not just ct that has these practises. If your not happy shopping there with their policies with R.a numbers from certain manufactures, then don't shop there.