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Ok so I may be fault for this but here goes nothing last year in September 2010 I bought a new battery for my work truck and I'm the owner of the company so had to file the receipt away I bought the battery in Alberta I'm now living in British columbia the battery still has the manufacturing date on it of July 2010 and still has the serial number well the other day I went to go start my truck the battery is stone dead and won't hold a charge or take a boost I phoned Canadian tire here in bc they said there was nothing they could do but when I bought the battery I gave them all my info so shouldn't I be in the computer system? Oh and the battery has a 3 year free replacement warranty and a 9 year total warranty even says so on the battery but even with me not having te warranty papers or receipt shouldn't they be able to find my info and honor there warranty ?


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Since CT introduced the co star system in late 2011 most if not all customer info is stored. Before if you lost your warranty paperwork you were out of luck. Its not hard to listen to the clerk when they tell you to not loose the paperwork, thats your own fault. Next time put it somewhere safe.