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Unnecessary front end work done and charged for:

Manager doesn't stick around when he knew I was coming to discuss. I had 3 borderline teenage CT hands discussing what they "think" happened but weren't there or did any work on the car help convolute the facts until they were totally irrelevant to why the work was originally done.

Idiots, they got caught in a trap when I showed them an invoice from another garage saying the same work had been done 1 day before (2km's) and started the gong show that cost me $150 for a piece of paper stating they did some front end work.

Based on what I spend (family of 5 into hockey, fishing, golf etc.) they will be out that much by the weekend not to mention the friends I will talk into boycotting or at least NEVER going to a CT automotive!!!

I spent $100 on wiper blades there alone last weekend, was going to pick up a pair for my daughter's fine 95 Escort (vehicle discussed above) today + a rain suit for a teenager.

Can anyone recommend a new store to purchase such goods, doesn't have to be in the NW, I'll drive across town to make a point.
no automotive shop in Canada can do repairs that are not authorized by the customer. if they did repairs you didn't authorize, you're under no obligation to pay