Canadian Tire Battery Scam

I bought a new top quality car battery from Canadian Tire for my Ford Explorer. It came with a "Best in the business" warrantee that was for about 5 years. Turns out the the warrantee is only good for 2 years and after that they prorate the thing. So the battery cost about $135 before taxes. It crapped out and wouldn't hold a charge for more than 2 days. Thankfully this happened just before the 2 year 'free' period elapsed. But I still had to argue with the guy and eventually get the manager involved to get a new battery. They tried to charge me $85, then $65, then they just wanted me to go away so they gave it to me. They claimed that the battery was still on the edge of being good. I was outraged but also thankful at the same time.

Right away I started having problems. The Ford kept dying after a week or so of being parked. So, knowing the problem could no longer be the battery, I took it to an Auto-electric place. They tried and tried to find a problem but the only thing they could come up with was that it was the battery. "Not so," I said. "It's brand new". So eventually they took it out and just let it sit on the bench unconnected. Within a week it was completely dead. I was on holidays while all this was going on so 2 months passed since I picked up the "new" battery. I then went to the Auto-Electric place and took my battery back to Canadian Tire for a replacement, thinking there should be no problem.

Well! They tested my battery and pronounced it completely useless. I presented them with my warranty and they brought me a battery, along with a bill for $65. They said I was now past the 'Free Replacement' period. I said if I had been given a battery that was actually good 2 months ago I wouldn't be here now so they should backdate the claim to that date and give me the battery free of charge. They said they had no control over policy, that being controlled by Toronto headquarters. I thought they were all independently owned. Anyway, I gave up trying to get them to see the logic in my claim and walked out. I'll get a Delco battery from the Auto-Electric place instead.

I give up on Canadian Tire. They treated me like crap and I'm not going back. People call it Crappy Tire for a reason I guess.