Canadian Tire Sucks at: Tools (Repair Only, Warranty not honoured, No Refund or Exchange)


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A lot of Canadian consumers are still in the dark about Crappy Tire's policies on tools.

Back in the good old days, you could count on CT to stand behind their 'lifetime' warranty.

But recently, there are reports of refusals to exchange defective tools, sometimes because the customer didn't keep the receipt for decades (even if it is a brand sold only at Canadian Tire, such as their store-brand MasterCraft tools).

And now we are hearing stories of "Repair Only" policies on tools.

This man's story is the one that tipped the balance for me:

Richard M.: I'm boycotting Canadian Tire because they actually rip me off. Purchased a roofing nailer and nail gun combo made by Mastercraft. it didn't work brand new out of the box when I took it straight back to Canadian Tire they said they wanted to send it out for repair I purchased a brand new nail gun not a repaired defective one they wouldn't give me my money back for the nail gun when I told him I didn't want it repaired then they end up keeping my nail gun and the roofing nailer I never resolved it I tried to resolve it with Canadian Tire MasterCard services. they were worse than dealing with the manager at Langley store. all I wanted was my money back so I could choose another nail gun that was not going to be a defective Mastercraft product. As long as Canadian Tire believe in ripping off the public I'm going to boycott them and so should you they haven't taken care of me and they won't take care of you the only $180 plus interest I cancel my MasterCard Canadian Tire card . today they lost over $3000 of my business . which is about what I spent a Canadian Tire every year for the last 15 they went for my favorite store to the bottom of the heap low life . don't let them do what they did to me don't purchase Mastercraft products they won't stand behind them. Please post and share this people should know
Keith M.: Bought a Mastercraft tap+die set. Third hole tapped, I broke the 4-40 tap. Replaced with another Mastercraft - it did six holes. Got a Dormer tap - 85 holes done + still going strong. Worst part is - every broken tap means a SCRAPPED PART because there is no way to remove a busted 4-40 tap from a blind hole. Tested by Canadians? This Canadian says FAIL.
Tugz T.: Your power tools last only half way into the first job then they break...then there's your customer service, absolutely the worst. Totally unknowledgable staff....especially your auto parts people...dumber than a tree stump
Todd S.: Junk junk junk I bought A drill short-lived batteries pick it up it doesn't hold a charge did I mention junk
CT paid Facebook to spam Canadians about tools ... and the reviews are rollin' in!

Micheal P.: I wish Mastercraft built some good power tools that cold compare to Ridgid..All junk must go in the scrap pile !!
Steve H.: There was a time where MasterCraft products were a happy medium between commercial and industrial grade; which made for an economical choice for home use. Unfortuantely, both the quality and dependability degraded to the point where it has become nothing more then overpriced garbage; which cannot be relied in to finish the job. I recently purchased a hammer drill and had to return it three tumes throughout a weekend! This comment will most likely be removed for negative feedback, but I'm confident that there are allot that share the same sentiment about your products. If it was between Mastercraft or the Buck Store; I would rather take my chances with the Buck Store!
Jeff A.: I bought the Mastercraft jig saw with the "freken" laser and the guild wheel makes the blade travel all over. Messed up some cuts on me. I then went to Home Depot and bought the Dewalt jig saw. 100% better tool.
Ken P.: Over priced, poor design, poor quality, and "no serviceability, and no service, yup just throw it away when done. Wish I never bought it, why do they keep making junk? And put Canada's name on it. Thought we were better than this.
The 'Great Tool Spam' continues to 'heat up'!

Chris F.: I would never buy another master craft power tool again!! Battery on my drill shorted out almost starting a fire and I go to replace it and Canadian tire is asking me for the damn receipt. Well you can only buy master craft at Canadian tire and I didn't have the receipt cause I thought it was no hassle exchange. Boy was I wrong!!!! Never ever again!!!
Paul D.: when something is advertised as "good for around the house" what they are really saying is "don't try using this on a job that might last longer than 10 minutes" -- buy good quality tools, not cheap junk made in China they will work every time you pick them up and you will have them for life
Rob L's Place: These look quite nice, but I have noticed a MARKED DECREASE IN QUALITY of Mastercraft products....they USED to be the tool of choice for me.... I worshipped Canadian Tire.... but not anymore....just like the other comments, the quality is very poor, feels cheap, and they break down under regular use. I even bought a Mastercraft Maximum sliding compound Mitre Saw....and when using it to build a shed....the guard almost got caught IN THE BLADE.... my stepfather ordered me to return it to CT and to NEVER buy Mastercraft again..... I went to Lowes and bought DeWalt. I would gladly return to Mastercraft if they were built well for regular use, and even moreso if they were built in Canada....I would gladly pay more for the quality.
Art J.: Approved for whose life? Mastercraft drill I have won't charge & batteries discontinued. Same thing with a Sears 15.6 I have. Best idea is buy major brand that has kept the same voltage for a long time, and allows crossover into new lithium batteries at SAME voltage.
Paul A.: i think CT should not sell inferior made tools made from china,as the store name says CANADIAN tire
Peter P.: CT warranty ? I tried returning a 1/4" ratchet , said I have a "replacement" warranty . They tried to give me a kit to fix my old one . It was my 2nd attempt and returned with paperwork proving I was right . Still insistent the kit was the warranty fix , I asked them for a letter from CT saying so , and that would please me . 1/2 hour I watched the manager/owner and his assistant look for it to come up empty handed . Finally , I walked out with my $12 ratchet . Thank you for showing me what returning something at Canadian Tire for warranty purposes is all about . My friend bought a lawnmower , got home , no start , returned same day and was told to take it in for service , 4 weeks wait . Your customer service is good on the phone , in the stores , it leaves a lot to be desired .