I'm a Proud Canadian, and wish Canadian Tire would stop using patriotism for crass marketing


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So first let me say there's nothing wrong with being proud to be Canadian. I object to for-profit corporations Exploiting Canadian patriotism to spur sales. (not just CT; i got the same problem with tim hortons, but back to CT)

There is something absurd about Mastercraft products being sourced from Chinese manufacturers, then have marketing shills plaster maple leaves all over the store, uniforms, product boxes, plastic bags, and flyers. Mastercraft and Harbor Freight down in the states seem to even share common tool OEMs, as evidenced by teardown videos. Yet Canadian Tire still wrap themselves in my flag and use it to market themselves as a cornerstone of Canadian culture. To be honest, their automotive section is about as canadian as a walmart, lordco, or napa.

Don't get me wrong; I shop at Canadian Tire, But lately i've found a lot of other alternatives to CT that offer better service, after sales support, return policies, and overall value for money. Compared to even ten years ago we have options to do product research, order online, and find independent mechanics and tool shops that run circles around Canadian Tire. I shop at Canadian Tire, but these days i rarely shop at CT.

I'd like to see if i can contribute to a more positive culture of Canadian DIY here. Many of us here have developed alternatives to the CT supply chain for some time, and it would be good to also make people aware of the many alternatives available. I think some CT customers would be going to CT less if they knew where to shop, and where the honest repair shops are.