Long Time Working, So Little Pay



I've been working at my Canadian Tire for about 3 years (in October) and I only make $10/hour. Then, new guys who also start as part time, make at least $10.50/hour.

Oh, it gets better.

My store, we have about 30 employees. 15 of them, are old Korean Ladies who walk around with shopping carts. (They only got the job because out store owner is Korean.)

What about the remaining half. 5 are women who cannot do any type of physical work, and come as me for help. 5 are managers who always call on people like me for all the shit jobs, and last 5 are the high school/college students, who do the most work, and get treated like shit.

If ANY of the 25 need help (even if it's not in the hardware department where I work), they page the other 5, and watch while we do their job, and get under-paid.

Pretty fair, right?