replacement motomaster battery installed dead - my car died turning on glover/bypass intersection


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A while back i got a nice motomaster battery for my first car. my battery was a good OEM one, but not knowing better i swapped it out for a Motomaster.

When i got the car from a brand new battery install, i was having trouble starting it for the first time. they had to jump it. i asked them what was going on, and if i had gotten a new battery. they assured me i could drive it around for a few minutes and the battery would be charged by the alternator.

i drove out of the lot, and was planning to turn back to the highway. my car literally shuts down in the middle of the langley bypass/glover road intersection. no lights, nothing. i get BCAA to drag the car back to the Canadian Tire. they give me an apology, and another battery.

this was a while back and i didn't know much about cars, and really didn't know any better. (since then beers have made me forget much what i learned in the intervening time). But i thought i'd put this story up here, because i learned a lot about canadian tire and car care that day.

Canadian Tire didn't listen to my concerns and ignored red flags that a brand new battery couldn't turn the car over.

Canadian Tire manager expressed sympathy but didn't do much other than swap the battery out. I broke down right in the intersection, and as a young driver that scared the carp out of me.

To put in context, the replacement motomaster did last the distance. i just wish they had gotten it right the first time, because WTF guys You Had One Job