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Stay away from Sarnia C.T automotive service .The Service Manager is a absolute idiot.It takes a hour or more for a oil change and when you finally get your car back they try to sell you hundreds of dollars worth of repairs


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hmm.. i have no correlation with the the company you mention, but your attitude is one of ignorance.. point a- you should be thankful that they take the time to inspect your vehicle. after all, the oil change probably takes half an hour (including filter, but highly variable with make/model) think about it.. they could double their turnover by giving 'just what you paid for'.. point b- did you even go to the trouble of verification of the issues found?..if not, i strongly suggest you do before you cause harm to your vehicle, your good self, or others.

To reiterate 'for the record', i am in no way associated with said company (i reside in Australia), but as a qualified Mechanic, i feel this needed to be said.


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Ball joints do not wear out after 1 month of normal driving that my mother does,and yes I had it put on a hoist at another shop and the mechanic there said the ball joints were good,also front brake pads still had 80% life left and the lines were a little rusty but fine.Where as a oil change only takes 15 minutes at most places.The mechanic at the second shop told me that that Canadian Tire has a bad rep for trying to sell you unneeded parts and repairs


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I had a flat tire, I never take any vehical that I own to the Crappy Tire service depatment. Anyway, the flat tire happened during a snow storm and right up the road from a Crappy Tire. So I told them to put four new tires on the vehical because they were having a tire sale. Two and a half hours later they said they were done. I pull out on to the road, during a snow storm, and the driver side rear wheel falls off. NICE WORK.