suing ct over auto repair


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My car broke down Sunday. I took it to ct. They told me the alternator that recahrges the battery needs to be replaced. They replaced it for $750 and everything seemed fine. The next morning I was driving to work and started to lose electrical power in the car. I took it to the nearest Ct. They told me the fuse box on top of the battery melted. The mechanic would not comment when I asked him if this was something to do with the alterator repair the day before. This repair cost $600 plus I had to rent a car for 3 days to get to work costing $150 (it took 3 days to get the part to replace the fuse box). I pick up the car tomorrow. I have not paid for the repair yet. Should I pay?Should I sue?
Hi John
I know it has been over a year since your incident. Just curious as to what the result was.