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I bought 4 Goodyear Nordic winter tires and 2 rims (I had 2 rims I bought last year) for an 05 PT Cruiser at the end of September. Immediately the car felt like it was going to shake apart and the tires were louder that 10 chain saws running in the back seat. I made an appointment to have them rebalanced at the Canadian Tire in Uxbridge, where I originally bought the tires. When I showed up (on time) for the appointment I was told, "we're running over an hour behind so you'll have to wait," I booked the appointment on Sunday November 2nd, leaving behind my phone number. Why can't the people in Service not call paying customers and give us the option of rebooking? Anyway, I'm taking the car somewhere else to have the tires rebalanced and then I'm done forever with Canadian Tire. I've been shopping Canadian Tire for 25 years and I've tried to stay loyal but now I just don't care. I'll buy my oil at Wal Mart and my filters at Napa. I've tried to favour Canadian Tire over the foreign competition, especially Wal Mart but I just don't care anymore. This is the 10 time these morons have dicked me around. No more. I'm done.


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It's good to see that you're finally leaving CT after being "dicked around" 10 times. My only question is why did it take so long for you to get the message that they suck?


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Yeah I keep going there because they're the only thing open on weekends/evening when I need emergency work done so I can get to work 1-2 hrs away but I'm not going to go anymore. I'm sick of them screwing up and having to revisit the store 3 times just to get their own work fixed.

Best Buy is another one on the list. Good luck getting a warranty claim worked out with them. I can't even get them to fix their own damage... anyway, I guess that's a story for a different forum.