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I made the mistake of buying BF Goodrich tires for a Ford Taurus at this store some years back. Actually the tires were Ok..

After going through a winter and heading into spring the car started to shake a bit. I suspected the tire balance may be the issue. I went back to CT asking them to check and possibly redo the balance under their warranty.

The Service Tech. inspected the wheels and announced to me that the vehicle required a "4 wheel alignment". I was all the cars fault, nothing to do with the tires or wheels.... ya right.!!!

I took the car home and removed the wheels and cleaned out the mud packed in the rims. The car stopped shaking and drove just fine after that. There was a lot of mud in the wheels as I live on a gravel road. So now I know to clean the wheels annually.

The point here is: how poorly trained are the CT Techs that they can't see dirt in the wheels as an issue, or are they trained to try to get more money out of their customers pockets any way they can?