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    canadian tire napanee, my phone goes missing!

    I was just at the crappy tire on center street napanee and got an oil change on my 2012 focus and left my cell phone in the car thinking I wouldn't need it and also that I could trust a big reputable company like them and my phone went missing in their care. not sure what to do the managers...
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    Canadian Tire Sucks at Bicycles - Can't return once assembled, won't stand behind them

    This has been on my mind for a while, and with spring hopefully making an appearance in a few months, we can all help get the word out early! This was posted on Canadian Tire's own Facebook page, on this warm-for-mid-January night (only -5!): Jim Hiebert: Watch out for Canadian Tire! I bought...
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    Canadian Tire Complaints on facebook - People Hate Crappy Tire!

    I wanted to rename the other "CT facebook" thread, but it looks like I can't do it. So, I'll just start posting on a new thread. The old thread with the litany of recent complaints is still here...
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    Hello All

    Another unhappy customer to join you here.
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    Attention all: Unregistered to unique ID

    All unregistered posters have now been given a unique ID. We hope as a result the threads will be easier to follow, as you can now tell if it's the same user posting or not. If you sign up and wish your unregistered posts be re-authored to your registered user, please contact the administrators...
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    Got an oil change and then some.

    I have a story, I will post what I have now on hands, and update once more information is available. My mother had her oil changed in CT. All good and well. She came there to get her brakes checked just over a month later - Canadian Tire found transmission fluid contamination in the brake...
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    Charged for their mistake.

    Heres the events. I went in to have a new rim put on a tire and my alignment looked at, everything was great aside from those 2 spots, my car stared up beautifully and it was smooth. I gt my car back after service, and not only is my battery all of a sudden dead, but it even looked different...
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    Canadian tire does not honor their quote

    Got a quote from the automotive departement for my car. Ended up more $$$$ and they refused to honor their quote! I will never go back there.
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    Sale of Goods Act

    Has anybody heard of this before? I came across this on Ellen Roseman's "On Your Side" blog (here: Your right to a refund, credit or exchange | Ellen Roseman). Apparently, "the Sale of Goods Act says that merchandise must be fit for the intended purpose". Basically, if you buy something, then...
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    So You Think Canadian Tire is........

    After a few days of reading the forums I decided to chime in with my $0.02 plus tax Seems to me I've read the same complaints over and over again, twisted and typed different ways, with no real substance. So allow me to lay a few things out on the table 1) Most of CT's products are Chinese...
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    Repair only policy

    I am sure that this happens time and time again. I bought an item, and a few days later decided that I didn't want it. Decided to return the unopened item, though stalling for 2 weeks since I have 90 days to return and all. Get to the store... "repair only" no return... excuse me? It says so...
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    getting burned at canadian tire

    I started working at ct about 4 weeks ago, my hole experience with the shop is that they are out to sc**w the public out of every dime they can with a smile on the face . i watched person after person get nickel and dimed out of every penny they had until their's nothing left and all the tects...
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    oil filters / tires

    warning motomaster oil filters recalled due to manufacturing defects which causes them to leak note also these oil filters are made in China not by Fram several types of motomaster tires are also made in China check the sidewall for country of origin employes typically say motomaster tires are...
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    canadiantire.ca 'user' reviews... NOT!

    Well, this is my first post here and as I did not find any reference to the canadiantire.ca website and its so called user reviews, I thought I'd chime in... This is based on my actual experience, but I will spare you the details. You can always respond if you want to learn more. In a few...
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    Douchebag at CT in the GTA

    The kid working behind the counter at the parts desk was a little bastard. I asked him to verify a part number of a bulb I needed and to his credit he did. I then asked him if he sold the bulb housing which I told him I broke taking off. He abruptly responded "get that at the dealer" then he...
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    Big Mistake

    I made the mistake of taking my car to a CT auto-centre once also (Burlington, Guelph Line). All I needed done was the right front sway-bar linkage replaced. I had checked online and confirmed the part that had broken loose before taking it in and I told them what was to be done. They put it up...
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    RAT Problem Pointe West Golf Course Amherstburg Ontario Canada!

    I would like to warn the public, so that anyone who might golf and/or eat the food at Pointe West Golf Course Amherstburg Ontario Canada. DO NOT EAT THE FOOD THERE!! They have a BIG RAT problem, have no plans to clean it up and are putting their customers health at risk. The problem started from...