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I was just at the crappy tire on center street napanee and got an oil change on my 2012 focus and left my cell phone in the car thinking I wouldn't need it and also that I could trust a big reputable company like them and my phone went missing in their care. not sure what to do the managers making me feel like its my problem and said that nothing has ever been stolen from this garage ever before( I doubt that). but I am getting the run around and very upset the way it all went down and how I have been treated, they are sticking up for their employees (manager says he will back his guys up 100%) not even thinking for a moment about their customer. First time going here and the last!!

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Sounds like a job for the police and the insurance company.

Thanks for the warning. It's probably a good idea to remove all valuables when turning your vehicle over to anyone you don't know.

Thanks for sending around this warning!