Canadian Tire Sucks at: Tools (Repair Only, Warranty not honoured, No Refund or Exchange)

Poor guy - CT screwed up his project. I guess since the CTer's have declared "Customer Service" as an undefinable nebulous entity, this guy should be OK with what they did to him!

Richard M.: People you should all know there will be a day when Canadian Tire steal from you they stole from me $180 for a nail gun that didn't work. it was a Mastercraft nail gun when I tried to return it after not working brand new out of the box they told me they need to send it out for repairs not give me a new one. I didn't pay to purchase a repair tool I pay to purchase a new tool. They don't deserve your money they don't take care of business and its often on Canadian to rip off the general public like that . At the top it off I get internet in tire hundreds of chances to fix this . No effort has been made on Canadian tires part to contact me and resolve this.

The Crappy People pooled their ill-gotten nickels (so much faster, now that pennies aren't in circulation!), and used the $$$ to pay Facebook to spam Canadians again!

This time, the spam is about Tools (as in, Let's Get Dad a Crappy Drill that will Conk our On Boxing Day!").

Here's a sample of what the 'push-back' from Canadians looks like:

Alexander L.: I'm not buying mastercraft ever again! I returned the circular saw I bought. It broke down after 2 uses. Wasn't as lucky with the mitre saw. It broke down after 3 uses but couldn't return it as 30 days passed since I bought it. I had it repaired but I have no intention of using it again. I got a Dewalt and I'm happy with it. It will be the centerpiece of my garage sale next summer.
Short but sweet, when it comes to too ... and other things, too:

John K.: I wouldn't buy anything from Canadian Tire. There are better stores.
Stan F.: Bought a reciprocator saw ,battery operated,master craft ,battery only lasts maybe 5 uses,change battery it's good for same amount cuts,wait 1-1/2 hrs for other to charge,thanks but no thanks.
Robert D.: Whoever has had a cordless mastercraft tool last for more than a year probably has only used it once in the past year
More on the inferiority of the MasterCraft tools being spammed about:

Cliff B.: I agree with ron charette he know what he's talkin about 4yrs my dewalt impact drill n still makin money for me never had any problems
Lots of comments on the Crappy Tools:

Dave B.: If it's as useless as your service dept, no thanks

Laurel M.: That's right folks and none of your tools will work because the battery is charging and the other is dead.

Aaron D.S.: I should run out right now and buy this so that in two weeks when the batteries die. The wonderful company Canadian tire can tell me that you can't buy them any more. Oh wait I already have a piece of crap just like. Save your money and put of towards a better brand.

Darren N.: Yeah until they quit making the battery that's usually what happens with Master Craft spend the extra by the dewalt you won't be disappointed

Jeff-C.D.: Nothing but junk.

Drugsor J.: great even more battery-dependent devices that will stop working when the battery dies. YAY!

Denis R.: Same set at Sears for $69.99

Joe F.: Your tools SUCK!!!!!!!!!
with all the complaints about batteries im sooo glad i didnt take up mr owners challenge and buy the crappy greenworks i said at the time i have a proper one anyway!
The warnings continue:

Rick D.: Garbage

Cam B.: POS!

Russ B.: now replace your good tools just so your batterey can fit them all

Andre L.: junk
A couple more:

Mat E.R.: Garbage

Jackie H.: Ridgid from home depot has a lifetime warranty on the batteries.
Welby B.: Oh yes get a job half done battery dead good plan now you have no tools I will pass on that one

Chris Z.: Only good thing about mastercraft is lifetime warrinty. The only reason they provide this is because their products are dirt and they think it makes the customer happy... When really the company knows ull probably be using that lifetime warrinty at some point cause the products are sh*t. Dewalt all the way baby!
David W.: handyperson? Oh brother! Will these tools actually be in stock, or will it be the usual song and dance of "the truck never came in, want a rain-check? By the way, how about we bait and switch it up? Buy this other model for a hundred dollars more! Oh, and we are sooo sorry we made you, our customers, stand outside in the dark and cold at 7:00am waiting for our store to open, as your drive drove away, only to be told that we do not have what our ad promised. I know we could have at least had on a hot coffee for you, our half frozen customers, who are going to buy all of ouroverpriced products." You know, just saying... You have abused Canadians for so long, most people have just come to expect it. Does your fat-bottomed well fed board of directors even care how poorly business is done?

Guillaume D.: Screw batteries. Can I have an interchangeable extension cord that works with 11 tools instead? ;P
Susan A.M.: Its too bad that all the mastercraft I've seen in made in China - can't we make good tools in Canada or the US?? Its not always about the bottom line - what happened to quality?

Peak E.: Don't let the colour fool you, those are not Makita tools.

Scott C.: I would not buy this crap by spring they come out with another drill and not make the battery no more i not have a problem but these days just stuff just ends up in the land fills so i rather get stuff i dont have to keep replacing it and be able to get parts for it still
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Newfoundland G: You want good tools buy snap on

Newfoundland G: Junk

Richard M.: Mastercraft products suck so does Canadian Tire . If it's defective find out of the box they won't give me a new one . Paid for a brand new tool but they want to send the defective junk out for repairs . I paid for new tool that is supposed to work . Not a tool that I have to bring back to Canadian Tire brand new unused and have them send out for repairs that's not right they should give me a new tool . Don't you agree ? they still have the nail gun I purchased never repaired it and never got back to me on it . Canadian Tire customer service sucks don't support them or you'll end up being ripped off by them like they
Don M.: Go Dewalt or go home :) I worked for them and they ha zero problems:)

Tim B.: 20v max batteries are a marketing ploy. All 18 volt systems are 20 volt max. They are 20 volt at peak battery life. Secondly, mastercraft are low quality tools. If you want occasional use tools buy something like black and decker which are really cheap. For good tools buy Milwaukee, Makita, Hitachi. Dewalt used to be good but they are owned by black and decker and are becoming lower quality every year and they're in many cases more expensive than other brand name tools.

Mike P.: Mastercraft 20v is nowhere near DeWalts 20v for power, no comparison!

John L.: Battery that works 11 tools. I would be happy if the battery lasted for one tool. That means when the battery dies like they always do I would have 11 tools that don't work.

Dan G.: Buy hattchi
More response to the tool spam - how many kids do you think will buy this junk, after all these warnings?

Jon W.: Mastercrap

Gary L.G.: mastercraft……more like master crap!!!

Jason M.P.: Pure garbage!!!!

Aj L.: but maybe if you sold it for the same price it comes from china

Aj L.: dewalt is better

Matthew G.: Battery life is horrible, like others said Milwaukee makita or dewalt... And if too expensive you're better off settling for a ryobi

Nex G.: Agree... Nowhere near the quality of Milwaukee or Dewalt.... Sorry.

Gregory K.: ... However the Mastercraft power tools are junk. Buy Dewalt, Makita or Milwaukee...

Keegan J-R.:Mastercraft sucks
Sean B.: Everything I have from Canadian tire that has rechargeable battery's in it sucks.let me see a flashlight the 1 million power one that lasts 2 min, mastercraft then I have there impact gun,what a waste of cash and I as we'll have an electric screw driver that never did any work went to charge and nothing!!!!! Oh and almost forgot my crappy booster pac that left me hanging when I really needed it.
I'd say buyer beware.i love to shop here but some of the products are just crap!