Canadian tire worse then wal-mart?


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ok everthing they sell is made in china, They have there own bank, and there name is asscoiated with are country like there some how a big part of canadain culture. and they own Part Source. There automotive department tries to get as many billable hours as posible EX charge 15min to change a light bulb that takes 2min shop rate around $100 is $25 any one else want to add to this feel free


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I bought table umbrella. The wind broke it off at the table top, bent/broke tin right in two. It was first time I used it. The manager agreed the material was crap, but refused return because it was an act of "God" and there was nothing they could do about the crappy material!!!!(they said, once it leaves China, the Chinese do not care, and there is nothing they can do either. Fed up with theiir crap.