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Not much activity over on Crappy Tire's web site, when the weather is nice.

Bit [name removed by request] sure doesn't like the ATV that Crappy sold him, and now won't stand behind:

"A full time mechanic to service the piece of crap baja atv that I bought from Canadian tire who dose not service or sell parts for. 17 hours ago"

"I would love to come help but the Baja ATV that I bought and use for gardening is broken AGAIN and no chance of getting parts or service......... 16 hours ago"


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Mary McDonald and Ezzie Schaff weigh in. I'd better copy & paste these, before the Crappy Admins notice and delete these, too!

"I don;t know where to make my comment, I wanted to let you know your store customer service is horrible and your on line contact us must no work as I have twice made my statement about my experience and and week plus later have still not received a response... guess this is why you are going out of businss....
4 hours ago"

"Once again Canadian tire misses a opportunity to make good on a terrible experience. I f they valued us as customers they would send you a direct email to a escalate customer response team instead of the general customer device email. I sent a email on Thursday night and still haven't head from anyone. Don't worry, target is coming to Canada shortly, they treat customers well.
about an hour ago"


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Oops! A new one!

Kim Bance: "Canadian Tire at Bovaird and McLaughlin sucks. They do not believe in customer service or honouring their advertised prices. They can't admit that they made a mistake or appease a customer that they have treated inappropriately. What's going on with the retail sector? about an hour ago"


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A couple more, grabbed B4 they vanished ...

[name removed by request]: "If your lawn mowers work as well as your Baja ATV's I would not recommend buying one. Saturday at 2:00pm"

Evelyn Goguen: "We bought one of their new lawnmowers,used once,had to take it back.don;t know how long we will wait to get the piece of junk back.meantime,have had to hire someone to do the lawn.Will never shop there again.Too many decent stores here to shop.Made big mistake. 6:00 AM"


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A few more:

Andrew Toms: "I used to Love going to Canadian Tire When I lived in Manitoba (spent a lot of time and money there) since moving to Prince George the lack of service keeps me away unless I have no other choice but to enter the store, I went for a walk the other day to see how long it would take for one of their associates to help me. I was there for and Hour 1-2pm saw half a dozen employees in different departments not one greeted me or offered help. I was in the tools section looking at tools with an employee within 10 feet stocking shelves he wouldn't look at me or any other customer an kept right on stocking the shelf , finished and walked away it is a common practice in that store. very sad."
CT asks, "What would you like in your garage?"

Perry Salikin: "an auto serivce manager who takes responsibility for damages caused to vehicles while in their service bay!!!!"

Someone suggested that actual staff from a real store could be featured in a TV commercial:

Bev Henry: "At Canadian Tire Owen Sound you would be lucky to find anyone to film since everyone seems to hide when they see a customer!"


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On the latest crap CT is pushing on their Facebook page:

Charles Mercier Tworek: “if this is a pice of crap with canadian tire now if u bring it home and try it out they will not refund your money so hope it works are else your stuck with the crap”

Regarding the laundry soap that Crappy is pushing, in an attempt to attract more female customers:

Nancy Elizabeth Whitson: “Ruined a costly blouse belonging to my daughter, because the pod didn't disintegrate in the washer and permanently stained her garment.” Wednesday at 2:56pm

A general complaint:

Ron Davis: "so many places refuse to push customer service and let the employees run amock and do what they want.”

Regarding crappy bicycles:

Eddie B: “Id let you borrow my bike but after canadian tire worked on my car im sure Il need it more then you!” June 17 at 12:40pm

More from [name removed by request] on the crappy ATV:

[name removed by request]: “I don't want anything more from Canadian tire, other than my money back for the piece of crap Baja ATV that I bought.” June 23 at 11:05am

CT Challenger

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I figured out how to see older posts (that are hidden after a month).

Each topics is shown is it's own box. At the bottom of the box a “Like – Comment” line, which has a little cartoon-style ‘speech bubble’, showing the number of comments.

Click on the speech bubble once and the message “Show comments” pops up. Click on it a second time, and all the comments will appear.


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It's sad when a once-proud company like Canadian Tire ends up hosting the biggest 'complaint' site around.

I thought www.canadiantiresuck.net had a lot of horror stories, but facebook seems to be the go-to site for warning other consumers of the perils of venturing under the Red Triangle of Crap!


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Canada Day:

Conrad Tom: "seems the kenora store for a lack of a better word take people for a ride in doing auto serrvice..I will never take my auto there for servicing"

Free tow:

[name removed by request]: "Well if I take my Baja ATV that I bought from you out this weekend I will definitely need a tow because it is a piece of crap and you wont refund my money or fix it." Friday at 5:33pm

[name removed by request]: "Oh I've emailed customer service and they tell me there is nothing they can do other than to pass my complaints along to purchasing."

Brent Jeffrey:"Screw you guys. Wasn't Canadian Tire fined or warned this year for blatenly gas gouging. You're only good for one thing, wiper fluid. :(" Friday at 5:33pm

Cindy Burwell-Anderson: "Canadian Tire,WOW bought my grandson a bike with training wheels for his birthday 2wks ago,the rubber on the tires started to shred off the training wheels,,so I took it back, being only 2wks having the bike.I stood at customer service for a half an, finially having my turn.I was told to take the bike back to sports & they would help me.Back to sports I went & waited another 15minites only to be greeted with fact that they don't warrant the rubber on the tires .After arguing with the person in charge she said they would make an exception this time .that was 20 minutes after waiting ,I now have 50 minutes into trying to get a 3yr olds bike fixed that is only 2wks old. Shame ,shame I will never buy another bike at CT.It only took about 5 minutes for them to take the money when I bought it.ONE VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER" Friday at 7:10pm

New post on an old Bicycle thread:

Eric Collinson: "i got a ccm static for my birthday last year and since the day i got it the shifting and gears were screwed up and we brought it back and they temporarily fix it i rode it for a weekend and the chain bent and the shifting was still screwed up and the grips were falling off so we brought it back again and its like they knew what was wrong with it so im thinking that your store doesn't know how to fix/ build bikes we brought it back 4 times already and we have to again because the chain is making a loud noise and it screwed up again and the grips are still falling off"

Old comments:

Edward Asifonhere: "Kenora ONT canadian tire also do not match competors price 100% bull !!!" May 23 at 12:34am

Ryan Zandee: "I used to shop at Canadian Tire all the time. I used to like what they stood for. I used purposely drive by the Walmart and go out of my way to shop at Canadian Tire. I thought Canadian Tire valued their employees and were respectful of them. After recent events of hiring me and telling me they would call back in a day or so with shifts for the following week. I waited over a week for the phone call - I finally called them for them to say they were to busy to call me back to say they offered the position to someone else. What company calls someone after a interview to offer a job, says they will call back with scheduled shifts and doesn't - because they were too busy. That was a complete waste of my time, not to mention I turned down two other jobs because I thought I had one! That's disrespectful of my time! I can only imagine how current employees are treated. Oh and to offer me $10.00/hour with 15years of experience with no hope of a higher wage. Perhaps if you treated your employees fairly you would see a impact on sales. I will now go out of my way to shop anywhere else other than Canadian Tire. Walmart treats employees better. They get $12.50/hour (w/ experience)- I should have taken the offer when they called. Just to be clear I am not upset that Canadian Tire didn't hire me - I am upset that they said they did hire me and then decided not to hire me without letting me know! A two minute phone call to let me know is not too much to ask." May 6 at 4:41pm

Therese Monagha: "for servicing your vehicle, Beverly Tire in Kitchener is the only way to go!" May 7 at 10:27pm*·

Greg Collinson: "just wonderfull. I am sure father and son had a lot of quality time as a result of continuously returning to the store as a result of warranty issues.At least for the first year. assembled bicycles non returnable.warranty is defined by returning to store for repairs.how do you repair a poorly made product?.or as they put it" well sir a bike is like a car , as it is ridden it needs repair and maintainance" . so.....if every time junior rides bike chain falls off,is that equal to new transmission every time i back out of driveway? 26 " ccm static reg price 399.00 on sale 199.00,JUNK,JUNK,JUNK!" June 16 at 3:33pm


Donald C Brown: "Remember folks...if you've taken it out of the package, Canadian Tre won't want to give you your money back... so be sure when you buy the tent to take it home and stare at it in the package.......see if you get a "vision" of whether the product will be suitable, but whatever you do, do not open the package!" March 23 at 11:36am

Grant Brooks: "The thing about Canadian Tire that bothers me is they have somehow figured out how to get their receipts to fade after no time at all. So what good is a warranty on something if you cant show a receipt? I put them in a dark drawer and it still happens. Never did years ago !!!" March 23 at 1:08pm

Kerry DeLorey: "I hope this tent has a better warranty than the one I bought at Canadian Tire in Dartmouth, NS last year which fell apart after _one_ use. A SEVEN DAY warranty on tents? Really CT, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I WAS a big fan of Canadian Tire for my whole life, but sorry folks, you lost a good customer last year." June 5 at 2:33pm


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More from [name removed by request]:

[name removed by request]: "I live in cottage country, unfortunately the baja ATV I bought from Canadian Tire is broken again and I cant find anywhere to service it or buy parts so I wont be enjoying the trails this weekend unless I walk."

And some more from today:

Brian Morrison: "do not buy everyday bicycle products as my speaker stopped working just after the warranty expired and canadain tire are standing behind their policy rather than backing up their product or maintaining their customer.....sign of the times....complete lack of customer service, customer care and accountability. Time to now take my $$$ to Wal-Mart!" 7 hours ago

Lourdes Sadiua: "I agree with you 100% Brian Morrison! Canadian Tire does it again! Didn't learn our lesson. We brought our car in two weeks ago at the Port Union Scarborough shop and CT performed a a rad and coolant flush. Spent a good $375.00 for that one. In very short order, our AC didn't work properly, the rad overheats and leaks and they tell us today we need a new rad and another $475. to get it done. Pardon me, but don't you think these "experts" should have been competent enough to tell us that our rad was near the end of its life! Went to another mechanic and got it fixed for half what they were asking. Stay away from these guys! They treat customers, especially women like we are ignorant! Shame on Canadian Tire!" 4 hours ago.

Ron Coldham: "I feel your pain, Brian M. Canadian Tire used to have great customer service, but no longer. And there return policy is archaic. Wal Mart and Home Depot get all my business now." 4 hours ago.

Cathy Ogrodnik: "Canadian Tire gave my van to someone else today. Imagine my surprise when I went to pick it up and it wasn't there!: 2 hours ago.


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Lots more complaints and horror stoies, in the last couple of days, mostly on this first thread. [name removed by request] seems especially unhappy:

Summer Guest space:

Brian Morrison*do not buy everyday bicycle products as my speaker stopped working just after the warranty expired and canadain tire are standing behind their policy rather than backing up their product or maintaining their customer.....sign of the times....complete lack of customer service, customer care and accountability. Time to now take my $$$ to Wal-Mart!
Tuesday at 12:48pm

Lourdes Sadiua*I agree with you 100% Brian Morrison! Canadian Tire does it again! Didn't learn our lesson. We brought our car in two weeks ago at the Port Union Scarborough shop and CT performed a a rad and coolant flush. Spent a good $375.00 for that one. In very short order, our AC didn't work properly, the rad overheats and leaks and they tell us today we need a new rad and another $475. to get it done. Pardon me, but don't you think these "experts" should have been competent enough to tell us that our rad was near the end of its life! Went to another mechanic and got it fixed for half what they were asking. Stay away from these guys! They treat customers, especially women like we are ignorant! Shame on Canadian Tire!
Tuesday at 3:31pm

Ron Coldham*I feel your pain, Brian M. Canadian Tire used to have great customer service, but no longer. And there return policy is archaic. Wal Mart and Home Depot get all my business now.
Tuesday at 3:56pm

Cathy Ogrodnik*Canadian Tire gave my van to someone else today. Imagine my surprise when I went to pick it up and it wasn't there!
Tuesday at 5:26pm

Brian Morrison*yea,...u try to save face meanwhile I'm out my bike tunes....why would I want to help when you won't ? The Pride group ( vendor ) wasn't be accountable either.
Tuesday at 10:20pm

[name removed by request]*Canadian tire has no idea of what customer service is. they sell crap and laugh all the way to the bank. and don't bother talking to customer service its a joke.
23 hours ago

Sébastien Ochart*CT Beloeil/Quebec/Canada. What a lack of judgment !!. When a cashier compete with the boss about a refund in front of me (the customer) and the boss has to do the job himself, there is a problem, isn't it ?. Everytime I get out of the store, I promise myself to never put my feet in there again. Today, I will keep my promise.
21 hours ago

Sébastien Ochart*Why do you put a mic and an ad to explain people that their conversation is recorded and you will not suffer abuse language ?. Start by not insulting the intelligence of your customers !!!!!.
21 hours ago

Kathleen Mills Sevigny*shopping at Canadian Tire is not a good experience....lack of helpful staff on the floor makes trying to get information on products unattainable.....Canadian Tire should really look into what the staff on the floors are doing!!!!! because most of them are not doing their jobs.......In these economic times you would think customer satisfaction is a priority!!!
15 hours ago


[name removed by request]*I would rather have Canadian tire Fix My baja ATV and stop selling Chinese goods that are crap and putting Canadians out of work.
23 hours ago

Canada Day:

Ron Coldham*This country would be even better if Canadian Tire would emigrate.
Tuesday at 3:57pm

[name removed by request]*Too bad Canadian tire sells mostly Chinese crap. that puts Canadian workers out of work. But at least Canadian tire is happy because you have to replace that crap every year.
14 hours ago


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Latest Batch:


Ill Minds i hate canadian tire n everything they stand for !!
17 hours ago

Sébastien Ochart Will never buy stuff from CT clowns. Just destroyed my MasterCard. When you consider your customers as feces, that's what you deserve. You have absolutely no idea what customer service means. After 12 years, I'm out of patience. When you have the chance to find a clerk and you can catch him before he's going to hide, he looks to think "What the hell is he going to ask me, anyways I have no bloody idea what to answer. Yesterday I was selling fish, tomorrow I will sell shoes". Shame on you CT
7 hours ago


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The $500 pool toy:

Sean Walker: $500 is ridiculous!!!
Yesterday at 9:24am

Tim Brown: Likely made in China. Just like all the other crap you sell.
21 hours ago

[name removed by request]: If it's as good as everything else in the store, get some life insurance before you try it.
20 hours ago

Party Bullet blender:

Mary Orescanin-Bateman: fancy cups thats the only difference,costco has a better deal if you dont want the fancy cups
July 6 at 12:54pm


[name removed by request]: I would rather go for a ride on my Baja ATV that I bought at Canadian tire, but it's broken again and no one can repair it. It would be nice if Canadian tire stood behind their products and refunded my money or fixed my bike.
July 6 at 9:29am

Plus this tale of woe:

Cameron Rankin: at the end of may i bought a 21 speed supercycle mountain bike at the langford store in Victoria BC, when i bought it the slaesmen told me to ride it for a few weeks and take it for tighting. Thinks were kinda loose and the gears wernt able to switch to the seventh gear. I rode it for a few weeks and took it in. The front axle was out of line the gears didnt work the kickstand was loose and it needed every bolt tightend. The repairman said i could pick it up that afternoon . I told him the next day was fine. Next day i go to pick up my bike. I get there and i have to wait an our and a half for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'final tightening tomake sure evrything is tight". two dsays later ithe gears are in worst shape then when i brought it in. I was riding it and the kickstand was so loose that i had to tape it up, due to the fact that i do not have the tools needed for the specilzed nuts and bolts. I then talk to a supervisor on on june 21. I am told that bike specilast is on holidays and will return monday. I call them the weds following nothing done with my bike the supervisor said she would make sure it was done it was the long weekend and i went away and returned calling the store about my bike. when i call ed the person i talked to was gone for a half hour while i was on hold, came back and told me there was some confusion about my bike and they were going to declare it a defect and give me a new one. They asked that i not come in untill after ten am the next day . I gave them two days and went to pick it up thursday morn, when i got there i had to wait a half and hour while they put "air in the tires", i asked the employee if everything as tight on it and the gears were working, he said yes they should be.
18 minutes ago


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[SUB][/SUB]Missed one!

Logan Smith: I bought a pole-saw for my father-in-law when it was on sale. It was defective out of the box, but because I purchased it 30 days prior to returning, they sent it away "for repairs." This was over a month ago and the store keeps feeding us a bunch of lame excuses. Their 3-year warranty/return policy is THEFT.
Yesterday at 3:16pm


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This is our country:

Ryan Walotek: There's nothing Canadian about Canadian tire..I worked there and I was pretty much the only person from this country there

Adam Parent: Too bad your Auto Service Centers suck.

Darren Fajcz: How about giving some Canadian suppliers / manufacturers a chance? I think I'm not the only person who'd pay a reasonable amount more for goods made in North America.

[name removed by request]: Canada, now on sale at Canadian tire, a subsidiary of china export group.

Brent Bennett: Because the first word in the company's name is "Canadian" doesn't mean the stuff sold there is! Also stop screwing your "Canadian staff & customers" before you have to change your name to blank....!

On AC:

Daryl Bergmann: ... your motorcycle jack sucks!!! It's 2" too narrow for my 750 Honda Shadow!


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This guy is pretty ticked at CT:

Dee Ha H: I will never buy another bbq from canadian tire my ignotor let go 2 months after buying mine back in march i bought it it is one of the battery ones i paid almost 300 with taxes and now it does not work ..... 17 hours ago

Dee Ha H: can buy a cheap one not with an electric started thingy and it will last a year or more i will never boycott ct i buy alot from them i will just not buy bbqs again 17 hours ago

Dee Ha H: i put it all together the way it was suppose to be used it and than all of a sudden it died so i changed battery thinking that was the problem but it is not .....17 hours ago.


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But Dee Ha H is not nearly as ticked as THIS guy!

Serge Charlebois: Canadian tire is the worst store ever. Worst service ever. And for god's sake, could you please stop sending your credit card hounds after us the second we set foot in the store. Worst. Ever. Period. Most of their stores look like abandoned shacks... Worst sorting ever - why are light-bulbs, toilet paper and paint thinner in the same aisle??? Fail!
15 hours ago.

Serge Charlebois: It's beyond the stores dude... customer service center included here. And it's beyond a "bad" experience, it's completely insane to try so hard to lose a customer. Not my fault they have social media, I'm using it to share the darker side of this flaky bull**** corporation.
15 hours ago

Serge Charlebois: And what does it matter that it's a canadian store? Who would imply that a canadian store can't suck?? Have you been to a CT lately?? Who uses the stupid 10 cents bonus crap anymore? Why does it take forever to find stuff? It took an employee 45 minutes to find a wheelbarrow!!! It's the black hole of mid-range home stores... go there and maybe never come out happy.
15 hours ago

Serge Charlebois: I got my wheelbarrow at Rona instead - total time: 10 minutes; service was 10/10, and price was in my range. Number of other customers waiting to nab the employee helping me: 0 and that's because there are more than 3 employees on the floor on a Saturday, plus Rona's employees actually know about the products they sell. Sorry CT fans, you will join me sooner or later, that much I'm sure of.
15 hours ago.

Serge Charlebois: Hey CT webmaster - I already went through the customer service and the store service and all that's left is your CEO who wouldn't care about my story unless I went to Maclean's or the CBC. Nobody wanted to make me happy, absolutely nobody. I don't go around ranting all day because I have nothing better to do; as a father of three with a mortgage I don't expect every product to be top notch, but I do expect the store selling it to show more respect than what I went through today. Facebook is the only weapon I have left, and it looks like others are speaking out too! Vive Rona!!
14 hours ago.

Serge Charlebois: I (used) to purchase a lot from CT too but more and more, it's just super frustrating but to be told I can't get reimbursed for a broken item do to a defective plastic bag and talked to like I'm wasting the employee's time and then the customer service basically said the employee was right in denying me a proper outcome. I was going to start a blog on how I hate Canadian Tire but it looks like someone beat me to it (google "people who hate Canadian Tire)
13 hours ago.

Serge Charlebois: This is what I got for a response by email: "Throughout the investigation we have involved all necessary parties, and do not have any further information to share. We appreciate your patronage and we regret that we are not able to reach a resolution that meets your expectation. At this time, we will consider this matter closed." All this investigating in 1 day and I never got involved as a main party?? CANADIAN TIRE SUCKS!
12 hours ago.


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Other complaints/comments:

Christian Kennedy: solution avoid canadian tire
July 2 at 5:21am

John Bouwman: I quit shopping there ONLY because there are never any tills open----long long line-ups!
15 hours ago

David Powell: just going in the local CT store is a bad experience. They seem to take great pleasure in telling you it is not in stock, that is if you can catch one before they run thru the 'employees only' door.
14 hours ago

This one is a classic on the "Repair Only" Policy:

John Walke: CANAIAN TIRE has me thoroughly DISGUSTED. YOU can take CANADIAN out of the name of your store as far I'm concerned, spent $500.00 on an Air Conditioner, the thing breaks down & no exchange or refund....REALLY! See you tomorrow at your Head Office with AC in hand & a NEWS Team!!!!
14 hours ago


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Another day, another crop of Canadians expressing their dislike of Crappy Tire:

Penny Switch-Brenn:
Dear Editor,
I had to write a letter to you because I am tired of these big auto businesses trying to take advantage of woman. About 12years ago I was in the city and my steering messed up, so the only close auto store was Canadian Tire. ...I took my car to them and as they were looking at it they came back to me and told me I needed something larger and more expensive. I told them not to touch my car anymore that I would have it towed to my mechanic and have him look at it. I explained I would have a tow truck pick my car up and bring it to my mechanic, the gentleman at the time told me I could not leave my car in the parking lot while I was waiting for the tow truck. He said he wasn’t going to be responsible for my car. RESPONSIBLE! I was just waiting for a tow truck. So I had to sit in my car and wait for the tow truck because I was afraid they would’ve had it moved before the tow truck got there. They wanted to charge me 300.00 for something I didn’t need and when my mechanic was able to look at my car I only needed a belt to which it only cost me 60.00. Well after that experience I have NEVER gone back to Canadian Tire again until yesterday. I went into Kemptville to the Wal-Mart to pick up a few things as I was coming out I notice I had no air in my tire, so I proceeded to get the pump out of my trunk and put air in just enough to get me to the Canadian Tire across the street. Once I had gotten to Canadian Tire I went in and told the gentleman that I had a flat and if they could help me. He looked at his computer and said at 2:00pm…….I said ok what time is it now and he said “it is 1:30 so that would mean I can take your car in 30 min.” I was thinking this guy thought I was an idiot, because I know how to tell time. I said ok thank you. I left and went back to Wal-Mart and explained to my mom that they couldn’t fix the flat till 2pm and she could wait there. I then returned to Canadian Tire and went in to register. As my daughter and I walked around Canadian Tire it seemed quite a long time, so we walked over to the auto parts area and saw my car still up on the hoist. So we figure they were still working on the flat. We then notice the tire was on the car so I approached the gentleman who help me register and he said he tried paging me a couple of times. I said “Is my car ready” He said “Your tire is compromised” I said “excuse me” he said that I drove on it to long with no air in it and that there was a ring around my tire and they weren’t taking any responsibility for it. There is that word again RESPONSIBILITY; I wasn’t asking him to be responsible for my car I was asking for a bit of HELP. I had my mother waiting for me at Wal-Mart. He continued to say “I can get you a new tire for only 62.00. I said “no thank you, if you can just put air in my tire so that I can take it to my mechanic that would be great. He said “No I am sorry we will not take any responsibility for that tire. I know it was my choice and I wasn’t asking Canadian Tire to be responsible for anything it was my choice not to buy a BRAND NEW TIRE, I was asking for HELP!! So I left and drove it to Wal-Mart and had to tell my mom she had to stay there because I didn’t want to chance breaking down with her in the car. I then drove to my mechanic in Greely and when I pulled up he came out and looked at my tire and he said there was nothing wrong with my tire. So he proceeded to drive it into the garage and put it on the hoist and there was a nail in my tire. He fixed it and brought it around to me and I asked him did you put a new tire on he said no there is nothing wrong with that tire that I had a nail in it and he fixed it. I said thank you and asked him how much do I owe you? He said 20.00. So you see BIG companies don’t look at you as a person they look at you as a dollar sign. It took me 12years to return to Canadian Tire and it will be another 12 years before I ever Return again! Plus I will be telling my friends about the way I was treated; you know what they say best way to get the news out is by word of mouth.
Friday, 12:30 PM

Drill bit set:

Matt Richardson: Guaranteed crap, guaranteed to break immediately, guaranteed warranty refusal at Canadian tire, guaranteed black and decker will make you jump though too many hoops for warranty, and guaranteed that if you ever see replacement parts you will already of bought better tools or got the job professionally done. Long story short, only buy mastercraft tools at canadian tire!
Friday, 3:20 PM

Bob Smith: Dewalt won't stand up to there warranty, scewed me on a metal chop saw I used 3 times and owned for 4 months.
11 hours ago

Posted on various threads:

Ernie Evil-Grafix Moore: It's funny how CT's FB page is missing the post to wall button. So I will post my experience here. I have bought 3 bikes in 3 months from there. 2 for me and 1 for my GF. The first one was so badly put together I cooked both the bearings in... the bottom bracket and the rear rim in 2 weeks! That's from riding it 8 minutes each way to work, 5 days a week. It's a Schwinn Via road bike. Second one is the one I bought 2 weekends ago and it's the CCM Apex. This time I made sure I went through and tightened everything before riding. First off the bike they sell online has different front shocks than the one I got. Didn't notice till I got home. Second is the front right shock tube is twisted and to get the front disk to work they cut a washer in half and used it as shims to compensate for the angle!! Are you kidding me?? Third is why does my CCM have the same rear shock as a way lower class Supercycle? I am pissed and will never buy anything from CT again! I am also reporting this to BBB. Thanx for nothing!
12 hours ago


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If Crappy Tire actually DOES give training on how to give BAD customer service? Well, this ... 'person' named Davis Halverson must be the Head Instructor.

He went on a spree of consumer hatred, the likes of which you'll seldom see ... outside of this web site, that is.

This guy claims to be an actual CT employee!

Check it out:

Davis Halverson: How dumb are you idiots? Of course the rod in the picture is not what you would catch a salmon with, you dumb fucks

Davis Halverson: John Walke your an idiot. You obviously dont understand the Canadian Tire Policy.

Davis Halverson: Daryl Bergmann, just because you did not take the proper measurements, does not mean our product sucks, just your brain does :)

Davis Halverson: Your just garbage Lynn Levis

Davis Halverson: There is a reason Glens last name is Dyck :)
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