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Oh, the Contest is called "Review to Win".

It says, "We want to hear from you. Submit a review for your latest purchase from Canadian Tire for a chance to win one of three $4,000 shopping sprees or one of 200 $50 gift cards."

What kind of chance do you think the people have, who posted negative reviews? Not much, I bet!

Yet these folks feel so strongly about the poor service and products that Crappy Tire procures and sells, that they are willing to throw away their chance at $4,000, just to warn the rest of us. Hurray for them!

Oh, and here are a few more complaints from overnight:

Tracy Murray Alexander: We bought toilet parts which still are not working. Grrr
8 hours ago

Carletta Wells-deering: My latest trip to CT found me looking for sand. When I finally found someone to help me, they disappeared for almost 15 minutes only then to find out that we were in the wrong department.
6 hours ago

Wendy Clegg: i hated it it was awful
6 hours ago

Thank You, generous people, for your honest reviews! We appreciate your sacrifice!


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A few more:

Jennifer Orgill: I bought a Hamilton Beach juicer about 7weeks ago and am very disappointed in its poor performance.It shoots whole pieces of fruit and veg through to the end and I have to rejuice the pulp to get the most out of it.

Roadside Assistance:

Koushan Ta: i have used this ... i tried to use the oil change coupons, and i was told that because i need synthetic oil, it doesnt apply, and considering even toyotas are starting to come with synthetic oil, its a pretty crappy oil change deal. i dont know how CAA service is, but often times when i have used this service, the towing truck took forever to come... in one instance i was even told by one of them that i should feel lucky they came, cuz in cold winter nights they dont care about coming to rescue u.. on another occasion, the towing truck person didnt do the job right, and my tire dragged on the ground as he towed it resulting in a complete burn out of the tire, he then ditched me in the middle of nowhere and told me that he will come back with a flat bed truck, he never showed up.. he simply fully ditched me cuz he realized he had f**ked up.. i wrote a letter to them and i got the fee for the new tire back, but the tow truck guy did waste about 5-6 hours of my time, which ruined my montreal trip.. on another occasion, the tow truck guy tried towing my bmw from the front and popped out my front bumper, he then realized that he should be towing a low sitting car from behind... im simply stating my experiences with Canadian Tire RoadSide assistance


(Let's see how long this one stays up, LOL!)

Rochelle Marshall: Heres my review. My fiance and i both went and got new tires. WE BOTH CAME BACK WITH BROKEN BRAKES!!!!!! Then they charged me double for a tire alignment and they didnt even do it!!!! I get above 70 and my wheel goes crazy, we phone them and say hey i was wondering why this would happen ( pretending we were a new customer) and they said oh bring it in you need a wheel alignment , we will fix it up for you. YEAH WE JUST DID THAT TWO DAYS AGO RETARDS. Oh also when i got my new tires the didint seed one properly. This wil be the sixth time I have had to take my car back for new tires and a wheel alignment AND THEY WANT TO CHARGE US TO FIX IT!!!! YOU SUCK CANADIAN TIRE AND IM GOING TO MAKE SURE THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD KNOWS!!! If you value your life and teh life of your passengers GO TO KAL TIRE!!!!!! KAL TIRE!!! KAL TIRE!!!! Never take your car to canadian tire EVER!
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Even more:

Allan Brown: Since when do you need a receipt to return something that is a Canadian Tire brand - a Motomaster Battery with 6 years warranty dead after 3 years .... and they want a receipt .... I mean seriously come on!!!!!
24 minutes ago

Richard Oliver Cuevas: I moved from Winnipeg to Surrey, BC and consequently needed my vehicle inspected in order to have my vehicle's insurance transferred over. The local insurer directed me to the Canadian Tire across the lot, so the following day, I took my 2003 Subaru Impreza 2.5ts in to get it serviced. I was informed that I would need to have my rear brake shoes replaced, as well as one of my front marker lights. I agreed to the repairs and left my car with them for the day, informing them that my car had a remote starter.
Now, my car has a manual transmission. In most places, the mere suggestion that your manual transmission car has a remote starter immediately implies that the car must be e-brake parked and NOT parked in gear. Otherwise, you end up with your car rolling itself down the street or a messed up transmission. At the VERY LEAST, you have to apply the e-brake as a precaution, so THIS doesn't happen: What did these idiots do...? You guessed it! They parked it in gear with no e-brake! When I started my car, it lurched forward and rolled about a foot or so right up the curbside it was parked in front of, causing my bumper to hang itself on the curb! I was finally able to back myself off, resulting in a damaged skid plate and paint scrapes on my bumper.
When I went in to complain to the manager of the autoparts department, he laughed and insisted that parking it in gear was "common practice" and that I should "ALWAYS put (my) car into gear if I have standard." FUCKER!!! I TOLD YOU IT HAD A REMOTE STARTER!!! No accountability, no responsibility. To top it off, I'm having to pull my e-brake lever HIGHER for it to engage!
Canadian Tire sucks balls.
3 hours ago