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Now back to the flood of consumer complaints, already in progress:

Thom Genders: Not with what you sell at CTC. You used to have semi quality equip. But that was a long time ago....to bad.
Yesterday at 9:43am

Barbara Larkey: I bought 2 nozzles for my hose. A long one and a short one. The spay is terrible on the short one and the long one doesn't fit on the end of my hose, it keeps falling off. I guess at 9.99 I shouldn't have bought it. But no! I don't love it. I love most things I buy from CT. Not this
Yesterday at 3:46pm

Ivor Summersides: I only buy motor oil here cause everything else is garbage, sorry
Yesterday at 4:08pm

Tonya Harris: Nope sorry not a fan
Yesterday at 4:18pm

Dalbert Kucher: Bought a battery booster on sale worked once took it back and the new one only worked once. The switch keeps melting on it so I took the battery out of it to use on my lawnmower and throw the junky box away
Yesterday at 5:26pm

Lynn Levis: Never again, i will step foot in any of their stores, they sell garbage!!
Yesterday at 5:31pm

Gary Newbury: some of the "cheap stuff" is exactly that. I can't understand why issues raised by the reviews on the ct site appear to go unaddressed for months and often years...ct, come on. Smarten up! now live up to the brand across all fronts and tidy up some of your scruffy stores in the durham region!
Yesterday at 6:26pm

Jane Weixl: You get what you pay for....you sacrifice quality if you are always looking for the lowest price possible. Pay no attention to the warranty that says 2 years....your purchasewill be jamming up the landfill long before that!
8 hours ago

Yesterday at 5:49pm

Lynn Levis: garbage garbage is what they sell
Yesterday at 5:38pm


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What Tool Will You Buy:

Lori-lolo Budd: I used to love Mastercraft until my drill's battery blew up on me and they would not change it in because I couldn't prove I had bought it there as my receipt was too faded.
1:00 PM

Mario Dima: Rigid cordless tools are junk, and their lifetime warranty is worthless
Yesterday at 9:42am

Michael O'Keefe: It won't be Mastercraft, lol
Yesterday at 10:27am

Abdullah Alhumidi: Walmart
Yesterday at 11:45am

Rosemarie Tranfield: Well that would be waiting for three rainchecks to be filled, also for a frying pan and four sets of dishes. Have been waiting at least eight weeks now So my next tool purchase depends on canadian tire
23 hours ago

[name removed by request]: Nothing made in China, I guess that means nothing from Canadian tire.
19 hours ago

Best Ofthebest: ThunderBay Canadian Tire 1221 Arthur Street W. John William Billes and Alfred Jackson Billes would be ashamed of the service provided pertaining to a $450.00 bill regarding the service provided to my sister Miss Hill last week. For now I will not detail her experience in hope of Canadian Tire resolving this matter. Thank you for your potential great customer service, as it has always supported canadians.
9 hours ago

Cj Hutchinson: Bought two new CCM static mountain bikes (over 500 bucks) and they keep falling apart!!! I can't handle going there everyday to get parts exchanged!! i'm SOOO sick of this crap and they won't take them back! Canadian tire = will take your money but not back up our products!!
6 hours ago


Cj Hutchinson: don't forget bikes!!! no money back even if they fall apart 6 times in a weekend!!!
6 hours ago

And, more horror stories on the DeWalt thread:

Craig Harkness: hey evil ernie...i agree too that they do not have a post to wall as it would be inundated with horror stories. i only bought small things or did service on a light level...like example an oil change. but being that their name has tire in t...he name..i bought 4 tires on sale over a mth ago...paid for installation by them...paid for the upsells the offered..example nitrogen instead of normal air...road warranty per tire...greatly upping price and after install and balance by them...wobbling steering wheel....at 90 km/hr...bring it back..they screwed up balancing and admit they need to do it again...say its not anything else with car..it is balancing....after a 2nd balancing? no joke...still wobbling shaking steering wheel between 85-100 kmph.....back again...ok now we will do a free roadforce upgrade balancing...no joke...no i am not kidding i drive away and AGAIN THE WOBBLING! now i call HO and complain...offered a GC which is fine and dandy but get this...a call from the store saying i need a tire replaced its faulty...i ask how can they know this as i have the car i have not been back...they reply....OOPS! tech noticed on 3rd balancing...notice 3rd not first a tire defect...so they put me back on road with these tires??? then they promise to get tire in by next day and voila! a week goes by with not a call from anyone at HO or from the store. i call to HO and speak to the rep at head office in cust svc i dealt with before and said i am rapidly losing any faith in cdn tire and am not sure if i even want him to look into it...nobody cares at cdn tire and i should probably just return them...does he say no please let us fix you...or does he or store explain why one week of no followup up by putting defective tires and bad balancing on the road? nope....believe it or not he calls back and says you can return the tires!! some might say thats a dream...but to me i honestly expected a big apology and an explanation of why they left me after 3rd balancing and promise of replacement of defective tire but they did not even bother to explain. now i asked at store if i can get my old tires back....decide to ride those until the winter tires come on and deal with new tires in next spring...but alas they dont have my tires anymore so all they offer is for me to buy new tires and even though i was considering thati now have no choice. but i am fumbling around locally to find as good a deal as competitors had weeks ago and currently not same sales or rebates. so i am still riding on rumbling shaky on highway tires over a mth later. so before you all beat on those unhappy with the service....think twice. i will not take the nasty tone or vulgar instulting route some take...thats too much...but i will agree to join in on saying that in some cases people and products and services at cdn tire do not live up to their commercials and advertising and people like me that did no wrong get screwed. i personally am so angry i have already told many coworkers, friends etc and they were shocked. i do not do this to be vindictive i do it to inform others and warn them...that a simple purchase and install..thats right...cdn tire...sells tires..and a simple purcahase...even after agreeing to inflated upsell options...can leave you stranded. i cannot begin to express in words my supreme disappointment...problems happen....but how you resolve them shows your level of care. they did not care.
about an hour ago

Ernie Evil-Grafix Moore: Why does the email address not work from my gmail? Say address not recognized? My next comment is my email. You will read it one way or another cuz now I am angry:
20 minutes ago

Ernie Evil-Grafix Moore: My name is Ernie Evil Grafix Moore, but my real name is Laurence, (to verify I can send you a message from my FB account anytime you like). Just to clear the air, I haven't called the bbb. Even after this whole fiasco, I do still enjoy shop...ping at CT. Mainly your tools because of warranty. Regardless, I am pissed over the bikes. I spent $900 in 2 months on bikes and get 2, possibly 3, lemons? (I have the receipts to prove it! 2 were on my girlfriends CT account!!!) The man that works at assembling these bikes is doing a halfass job! To cut a washer in half and use as a shim instead of getting straight forks? The forks are very bent, not just a little bent!! So bad that it burnt the front disk pad on an angle. The tires were more than half flat at the store so I couldn't even test ride it! Not to mention the chips in the black paint on the rear swingarm! The other question is why does the Supercycle Ascent mountain bike have the same shocks, front/rear at $159, as my $599, I got for $299 on sale (is that why? On sale things are less in quality?), CCM Apex? And after tightening my crank twice it is now grinding like there is no grease!! I freakin ride the bike 2 times a day, for 8-10 minutes either way to work!! It's been a horrible experience! What can you do for me? Give me 5% percent off my next purchase? I hope this isn't just a waste of time. Prove me wrong!
20 minutes ago

Tsk, tsk. It's always so sad, when people don't know any better than to shop at Crappy Tire ...


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A quiet day ...

Karen Moores: Canadian Tire service at the Kelsey Drive Auto Shop in Newfoundland - unresponsive staff and ignored my safety concerns on an inquiry. Not good enough!
4 hours ago

Matthew Salathiel: I just returned from my local CTC and I must say I am highly disappointed in the latest marketing techniques. Sale items have always been marked with yellow signs which is great. Some additional items have typically been marked in yellow as "Great Value", which is a little misleading but OK. However, today I saw a number of items at regular prices, marked in yellow with "Save" which to me is HIGHLY deceptive, if not illegal. Come on CTC you are better than this, you have great products and great prices, you don't need to hoodwink anybody.
10 hours ago

Craig Harkness: Canadian tire....you replied and asked if I could contact customer service with details. I already have.that is in my post. I dealt with what I was told was a senior customer svc mgr.not sure what else I can do.the store was Dartmouth crossing.are you asking me to contact again?
13 hours ago

Ernie Evil-Grafix Moore: Well Craig guess we are up shits creek without a paddle! I am not calling the number to get a run around. This has cost me too much time and money already. Why does CT put together bikes and only sell you those but then you can't return them when there is a problem? Catch 22? Or how about the bearings are what went in the crank and rear wheel of my first bike but wheels are not covered? It only says frame warranty so that means I burn for crank bearings? This has been one big ass joke! Whoever talks for them on here knows nothing. They are CT's FB admin.
3 hours ago

Craig Harkness: Hi louis...I may or may not give up.they are asking for info to look into the ...quote "status of my case". Part of me has given up.especially since I don't think there is any status to my situation.the Customer service mgr considers it closed. They don't have my original tires anymore, they told me to buy elsewhere then return removed tires back to cdn tire. I haven't found affordable in stock tires yet elsewhere.I just was so disappointed at the lack of an apology and explanation of why they promised to next day get a replacement tire for what they claimed was an explanation for 3 failed balancing jobs...then left me adrift for a week....all thru a holiday Canada wknd...wobbling & shaking...I will see what I do.
2 hours ago


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S'more ...

Zadig Mulugeta: Canadian Tire head office supports unethical manager of an Alberta Part Source location. A battery was deemed defective by store employees and a replacement was ordered. Manager comes in after rudely accusative. I called Canadian Tire corporate head office in Toronto, as they own Part Source, and was told it will be investigated. Part Source, still has my old battery and sent back my replacement battery, and I had to buy a replacement battery for approx. $230.00 from another business. On top of this I’ve been denied service, and was told Canadian Tire head Office rep that the owner has the right to exclude providing customers service and deny customers warranty if he wishes. Wow
18 hours ago

Deb Christianson Paskall: I'll share this - boo to Coquitlam CT for wanting an installation charge to put one windshield wiper on a disabled lady's car! After she bought two there but just needed one to get home. Used to be free. Shame on you.
13 hours ago

Victor Henriquez: canadien tire bbq's !!!! Worst quality ever, last for less than a month and no customer service at the store or at Coleman Canada !! Bravo!!
12 hours ago via mobile · Like

Not sure I trust the 'Bing' translator on this one:

Sébastien Ochart: Canadian Tire fait du profilage de client en ajoutant des * devant votre nom si vous êtes un client "difficile". Mon nom se lisait *******sebastien. Sans commentaire. Je n'ai jamais été aussi insulté dans un commerce qu'aujourd'hui à Beloeil. Merci Diane pour vos beau commentaires déplacés et votre belle attitude face aux gens qui paient votre salaire. Continuez comme ça et vous pourrez venir chialer que vous n'avez plus de job.
Canadian Tire's customer profiling by adding a ** to your name if you are a "difficult" client. My name read ** Sebastian. Without comment. I've never been also insulted in a trade that today ' hui in Beloeil. Thank you for your beautiful comments Diane moved and your beautiful attitude to the people who pay your salary. Continue like that and you can come whining that you have more job. (Translated by Bing)
8 hours ago

Camping thread:

Dalbert Kucher: I love Canadian tire its been my favourite store for almost 25 years but be aware of some products like the motomaster eliminator 700A booster pack it will really leave you roughing it. LOL !
Yesterday at 1:05am

Dalbert Kucher: The switch melts when you try to boost a car. But you can always take it back to the store and they will give you another one and the switch will melt again when you use it. Again and again. I needed a new battery for my lawn mower so it took the battery out of the booster and it works well as a normal battery.
Yesterday at 1:17am


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We've seen examples of Davis Halverson's mistreatment of ordinary consumers on Crappy Tire's fb page.

There are also lots of abusive posts by this possibly-ex employee, too. This was in response to a simple question about defective items:

Andrew Beaton: you cheap ass stop harping over refunds, if you cant afford it, dont buy it, and take care of your stuff, Canadian Tire is great for returns, I used to see morons without recipts whine their way to refunds all the time (thats the official policy, if your an idiot, you buy something you dont want then whine until you get money back) what is wrong with? stop whining!
20 hours ago

Sounds a bit like Angry CT Guy, huh?

- off-topic.
- insulting.
- denying the hypothetical item is even hypothetically defective!
- blaming the defect on the consumer.
- saying the consumer is returning a defective item because they "can't afford it"
- claiming there is no hypothetical receipt.
- claiming the customer simply changed their mind

Imagine trying to convince THIS guy to give you a refund!

Great Customer Relations, Andrew!


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Stain Remover:

Mary McDonald: I haven't shoppped at canadian since I had a problem there and used contact us twice and on here was given direction to contact and I did all that and NEVER GOT A RESPONSE except for the computer generated one... crappy customer service!
11 hours ago

Eddie B: there is no product that can remove the stain that is on your company name.I am sad to say we are both canadian.
8 hours ago

Missing desk part:

Eddie B: ...dont go to canadian tire because they wont help you and they dont care im living proof..not one of my posts have got a response from them and a year ago i was already offered a refund then the manager passes away so they figure they dont need to be acountable or keep there word.I have got several people going to other stores inless i am given what was promised
8 hours ago

Eddie B: bought a 450 dollar saw yesterday would have been from u
8 hours ago


Eddie B: they like to be vague so they can get out of standing behind the services and products they sell.Im still waiting for a call back from the owner...glade i didnt hold my breath!
8 hours ago


Eddie B: Im going to need alot of tools to fix what your auto department obvously cant.Be smart guys stay away from canadian tire auto!By the way they have lost about a 1000 so far in sales for the $300 they robbed from me.Will continue to boycot your store and go to walmart for bad service insted of you guys
8 hours ago

Bikes for kids:

Eddie B: good idea, get more people on bikes because they cant start there cars after bringing it to you.Shame on canadian tire for lying to me and using there customers for short term gain.You will lose in the long run.
8 hours ago


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Also from yesterday, re: sponsored road trip:

Eddie B: if canadian tire was involved with his car my guess is he spent more time in there garage then with his friends
18 hours ago

This one might not last long, under "What's your next tool purchase?":

Toby Forrest: not a dam thing from you`s I would not let you work on my lawnmower you people are fu$%@# useless as tits on a bull would not buy a thing from you at all
4 hours ago

Small Space Appliances:

Toby Forrest: bunch of scam attest rip off`s
4 hours ago


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Eddie's still pretty mad:

Eddie B: best of the best I might as well save you the trouble and tell you THEY WILL DO NOTHING FOR YOU but lie to you and take your money...
4 hours ago

Eddie B: best bet is to take them to small claims court and boycott them.I tryed honesty and patience but thats something canadian tire knows little about..
4 hours ago

Eddie B: take them to small claims court they dont respect there customers
4 hours ago

Eddie B: this davis guy is a goof obvously you have shares with canadian tire or you have never shopped there..sit down and shut up.
4 hours ago

Eddie B: anyone who has a problem with canadian tire msg me on facebook lets get something going against c.t
4 hours ago

Eddie B: bunch of thiefs
4 hours ago


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More from yesterday:


Mike Mac Gillivary: dont buy anything form this place ..especially anything to do with your car lol check out the better business bureau rating on the store you plan on shopping at over %70 of all can tire stores are ranked F on a scale from a to f and have multipul unsettled disputes with customers regarding service done to their vehicles and customer service in general dont be another sheep and be taken advantage of ...all this place wants is your hard earned money.

Another tent:

William Descalchuk: Really nice... Canadian tire in Spruce Grove. Alberta does not allow overnight parking. "overnight parking prohibited" so getting towed in late means nothing to the company that promotes camping and unity. Can't park in the lot to wait for service.

Petra Smith: Still leaks in the rain in the rainforest we call British Columbia! Sorry Canadian Tire! It looks nice but that is all.

Jocelyn Wilcox: Lol canadian tire sucks they don't know what their doing my boy knows more about cars then this place :)

Mike Mac Gillivary: ohhh btw mr can tire you will be seeing theese posts daily ...FOREVER

Jocelyn Wilcox: Lol babe your killing me !!!!!!! Lol got to love your brutal honesty :)


Mike Mac Gillivary: don't buy anything form this place ..especially anything to do with your car lol check out the better business bureau rating on the store you plan on shopping at over %70 of all can tire stores are ranked F on a scale from a to f and have multipul unsettled disputes with customers regarding service done to their vehicles and customer service in general dont be another sheep and be taken advantage of ...all this place wants is your hard earned money.
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I've been away. Got some catchin' up to do!

ATV thread:

Jesse Macmillan: The only problem with those Canadian tire bikes is nobody services them, parts are impossible to find
7 hours ago

[name removed by request]: Don't buy one Canadian tire will never service it.
5 hours ago

Deanne Gary Waye: got 1 something that 4 jordan from canadian tire it's a piece of junk nothing but problems from day one
2 hours ago

[name removed by request]: hahahahahahahahaah Customer service ? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha emailed them and called them they did nothing.
25 minutes ago

Free tow in Ontario:

Mark Bradbury: Tax right off time for canadian tire :)
Yesterday at 10:58am

Sara Danielle Bureau: CLEVER! Free tow to Canadian Tire so you pretty much HAVE to get it fixed there!
Yesterday at 1:49pm

David Allen: They must b hard up for bussiness, if they have to provide a free tow to there shop. Then charge you double for the repairs, to make up for the tow. Because you and I know, the tow truck drivers arnt working for free!
Yesterday at 5:32pm

Scott Hartin: Get CAA and choose your own shop.
5 hours ago

Scott Hartin: Knowledgable staff? Three weeks ago I went into a Canadian Tire for a simple V-belt for a boat I was working on. I needed and asked for a 46x1/2 inch belt and was told that they could not help me. They said they needed the application so I told them. It was an Indmar Ford 351. They told me they had no belts for boats. I asked if there was any way they could measure me up a belt and was told sorry. Standing there I phoned a friend that works at Car Quest and luckily he was still at work after hours told me he had a 45,7/8 x1/2 inch belt and that he would leave out for me and just bill me later. I am sorry but if you don't have a belt measuring rack or you can't take two mins and run a simple tape measure around a v-belt for a customer, service is not your strong suit.
4 hours ago


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More on a related "Free Tow" thread:

Justin Wheeler: What's adorable is I /GUARANTEE/ it comes with the stipulation that your car must be towed to a Canadian Tire for repairs if it breaks down. Unfortunately, you're better off leaving your car to a wild pack of angry badgers than to a Canadian Tire technician if it needs work.
Friday at 3:09pm

Kimberley Jowett Merrifield: Well that's the small consulation. I think the wild pack of angry badgers are the tow drivers who find a perfect excuse to screw a desperate driver on a long weekend. That's the place your gonna get a good screwing and at least $200.00 out of your pocket. Way to go Cdn. Tire...at least your doing somthing. Thanks!
Friday at 3:17pm

Bill Vail: Ya they are looking for business. Pretty shady. It would be thought full if they would give you a choice where it goes. Their techs can't be trusted.
Friday at 3:20pm

Glenn Carr: then 500.00 too look at it lmao
Friday at 4:14pm

Kris Kurtz: just let them tow it not work on it lol
Friday at 4:15pm

Carman Widdess: Hopefull they aren't the cause of them being broke down...
Friday at 4:26pm

Anne Hazel Dunbar: my advise do not go to Canadian Tire for anything , I made that mistake twice and each time I got a bad outcome, the last time they changed over my winter tires for my summer ones and my front drivers side tire just about fell off, it could have been a much worse situation had I been on the highway or one of my children who also drive my car when I took it to the store they where able to on screw the other three with their hands I mean really with a name like Canadian Tire you would think that they could at least get the tires put on right
Friday at 4:39pm

Aggie Desmoulin: lol...too good to be true...cost you and arm and leg by the time they are done with you.....tow/their garage/ etc etc....
Friday at 4:49pm

Nicholas Forsyth: that civic just came from canadian tire lol srry but ctc is a complete and utter insult to anything related to automotive repair.
ps u really have to neglect a civic to end up o the side of the road in one, i should know, im a honda technician. happy long weekend :)
Friday at 5:44pm

Darlene McCallum: no ty i would never take a car to be repaired there
Friday at 5:51pm

Nicholas Forsyth: and spend three hours on the phone more untrained people shoved into a position they know nothing about? lol
Friday at 5:53pm

Scott Hartin: My father owned an automotive shop and is a class A mechanic. One of his customers was towed around the corner to a Canadian Tire garage when her alternator gave up on her one day. While changing her alternator and recharging her battery the "technician" noticed that her brakes were all "extremely wore" and needed replace. This came as quite a shock to this lady as my father had just done a complete brake job on this vehicle the previous week. The lady told them not to do anything and phoned my father asking what the heck was going on. My father then phoned the service manager and asked for an explanation. When the manager found out that the scam was up and legal action was going to be taken he said that " the service writer was reading the wrong mechanics notes when filling out paperwork on the ladies car". Another time I had changed all lube in my one ton drivetrain to synthetic but had to have a third party change my engine oil for warranty purposes. I provided the oil and filter and just asked for the Ca Tire shop to perform the change. I told the service writer TO NOT grease anything as I had changed all grease to AmsOil synthetic and I did not any organic grease put in my truck. I was sitting in waiting area when I saw technician grab his grease gun and start under my truck. I lost it on the service writer and told him to stop the mechanic immediately. I am pretty pissed at this point as my directions were not followed. I was also charged for a front end grease job and when I refused to pay for something that I told them not to do, I was told I would not get my keys back until I payed the bill. I demanded to see the service manager and he told me that it was a "package" that was performed on all 4x4 trucks and whether I got grease or not I had to pay for the "package". The $20 was not worth the rage I was feeling. I paid the bill and left and I will never let a Canadian Tire Shop near my vehicle again. Goodluck to anyone who is foolish enough to let them touch their automobile.
6 hours ago

Scott Hartin: I doubt CT will leave my experiences up here for very long but ask anyone in the industry from service techs to grease monkeys Canadian Tire Shops are the laughing stock of the automotive industry in Canada.
6 hours ago

Scott Hartin: I have contacted head office and was told by the customer service lady that "every store was managed individually" so head office could not do anything for me I was going to have to deal with the store manager.
5 hours ago

And, so more on yet another similar thread:

Cj TaggartL Yeah right to your shop to rip folks off!!!
August 1 at 2:04pm

Christopher Paul Rogers: You mean you will tow me to the nearest Canadian Tire store? Another Can Tire scam.
August 1 at 2:05pm

Michael Gonsalves: The problem is CTC auto service sucks and that's where they'll tow you. ROFL
August 1 at 2:07pm

Terry LeBreton-Dashnay: Canadian tire sucks and rip people off!!! Just charged me to tell me I had a blown brake line... No kidding that's why I'm here. Then have the nuts to hand me an estimate for 776.86 to change it. Nope waitin on a tow truck to a real garage where they will change it for way way less.
August 1 at 2:18pm

Allison Cowles-Earle: great marketing scam! kuddos CT!
August 1 at 2:24pm

Jerraine Willis: took a coffee pot in (second one in less than the 2 yr with a 2 yr warranty) They replaced the first one after 10 mos. and the second one quit working after 7 mos. This time they told me that they could not do anything for me... the coffeepot had a 2 yr. warranty.. for pete sakes.... so, I gave them the bill the booklet and the coffee pot and walked out.... I WILL NOT EVERY GO BACK TO CANADIAN TIRE AGAIN....
August 1 at 2:31pm


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It must be pretty embarrassing to be a Crappy Tire Person, and claim over and over "Strong customer service is important to us", yet see all the evidence, day after day, of what a crappy job your company is doing in the Customer Service area.

And seeing how much people hate your company must be humiliating. Any-who ...

On the "Love Your Car" thread:

[name removed by request]: I love my car that's why I never take it to Canadian tire where they use Chinese parts.
August 1 at 9:23am

Margie Klimpel: I agree with [name removed by request]
August 1 at 9:27am

Kevin Mitchell: Ha! I have one golden rule of car maintenance and repair: Nobody at Canadian Tire touches my car.
Thursday at 4:52am

David Myers: No kidding!
I told CT EXACTLY what needed to be fixedon my vehicle (replace right side end link on rear anti-roll bar, drill out broken bolt that secures bracket which attaches bar to axel and replace).
Guy hands me the work order to sign with $99 fee to "assess the problem".
CT = crooks? Someone with less automotive knowledge would have been ripped off.
Thursday at 8:34pm

Closet Organizer:

Garth Anderson: Yes we have a sale on and yes it's in the flyer and yes we have 10 on hand but we just can't find them.Classic Canadian tire
July 30 at 10:13pm


Kim Ferguson: I had the worst shopping experience at Canadian Tire in Windsor off Huron church line. I asked to speak to a manager, the manager sent a young man to help instead of herself personally. I pointed out to the cashier that I had been waiting for assistance for well over a half in total ( in the department and at the till). The cashier shrugged and ignored the fact that I had said I was now late for an appointment due to the lack of customer service. After leaving the store ,I left a message for the store manager requesting for him to call me back. After 3 hours,I did not hear back, I phoned again. I spoke with another department manager, she stated that she would look into the matter and have the head manager phone me back. Just wanting to see if this happens. SERIOUS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND VALUE. LOWES CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BY FAR SUPERIOR the extra drive is well worth your time.
August 1 at 2:00am

Jump Start:

Brent Rockburn: Maybe canadian tire can use some of the money it stole from people in southern ontario to fund this?
July 29 at 10:35am

[name removed by request]: Perhaps if Canadian tire supported Canadian industry by selling Canadian products our children would have jobs and child poverty would not be an issue.
July 29 at 11:24am


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OK, couple more:


Rita Chernoff: May be the life BUT when I walk into your store on July 31st to buy life jackets and get told "sorry we've got orders from headquarters to put them away and put out hockey gear" it ain't no life for me. Sorry (not really) but it'll HELLO WAL MART FROM HERE ON IN!! I"M TIRED OF YOUR STORES NEVER HAVING STOCK & TIRED OF SALES PEOPLE NOT INTERESTED IN MAKING SALES. GOOD BYE!
Thursday at 4:09pm

Tent (yet again):

Vincent Tam: I bought a Broadstone Easyup tent from Canadian Tire, and tried it out in my back yard prior to going camping. I found a rip in the side wall, and tried to return the tent to the store. I was told that since the tent was "opened", the returned would not be accepted. It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard from a store...if I hadn't opened the tent, how would I have known it was defective!!!
July 28 at 9:36pm

Vincent Tam: This is the reply I got from the Canadian Tire website... Dear Vincent Tsm,
Thank you for responding to our email.
Original condition generally means that the product is:
- Clean
- Complete
- Not defective
- Not used
- Not installed
- Not modified (e.g. rope cut to length, paint that has been mixed)
We apologize we are unable to honour your request. The product would carry an exchange only with receipt.
July 28 at 9:39pm

Vincent Tam: The tent was clean, complete, NOT USED, not modified, but defective!!! If the tent had NOT been defective, I wouldn't have tried to return it!!!!!
July 28 at 9:39pm

Vincent Tam: Exchange only...why would I want the same tent if it came out of the box with a rip!!!!
July 28 at 9:39pm

Cordless Drill:

Dan Nicol: Be extremely careful if buying this new 20voltMax family of products...certain tools in this line come with a battery that looks like it should be interchangeable for use with the other cordless tools in this family, but they manufactured s...ome of the batteries to NOT fit the other tools!!! I am considering making a complaint to the Ontario Ministry of consumer affairs for an unfair business practice regarding this. I bought the drill above...works great, I also bought the 5.5 inch circular saw in the same family of tools, but it does not come with a charge or battery....the replacement battery alone is $80....they had a sale on a 3/8 size drill in the SAME family for $60 that comes with a battery and minicharger...great deal I thought since i need a spare battery for the drill and saw...but the battery ONLY fits the smaller drill and NOT the other drill or saw!!! I am PISSED right off....they all look exactly the same but you wouldn't even know they dont fit until u buy it and try....they had the manufacturer put 2 little plastic knobs that are a couple millimetres higher than on the other batteries, which prevents it from fitting on the other tools in the family!!!! This is an extremely DIRTY BUSINESS PRACTICE!!!!
July 29 at 9:27am


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Some days, it's hard to keep up!


Shawn Knight: Way over priced
5 hours ago

Terry LeBreton-Dashnay: ‎2,499.99 PLUS TAX= 2,824.98 So not worth it..... And YES CT is horrid in customer care/ Automotive Dept..... Made me pay 35.00 for a brake inspection on my truck a few days ago when I told them that I blew a brake line... They charged me to look at it and say " You have a blown brake line" and gave me an estimate of 776.25 to change it..... Had it towed to another garage which I got 4 lines changed, oil change, all fluids topped up and all greased up for 500.00 so 276.00 LESS than CT was going to charge me for a brake line to be replaced . NOT happy with them at all. As well as the bike we bought our son a few months ago when we left the store we rode our bikes home and couldnt figure out why our son was taking so long, turned around and he had wiped out fracturing his wrist because the chain BROKE...took the bike back to the same store the next morning and got the runaround from the manager saying " WE DO NOT ASSEMBLE THE BIKES, YOU HAVE TO CONTACT THE DISTRIBUTOR OF THE SCHWINN BIKE" My bike was ridden twice due to the fact that the gears dont change and it skips gears while riding it and the chain falls off.. They wouldnt do anything about it so I have a bike I paid good money for In my shed collecting dust...... CUSTOMER SERVICE MY BUTT.............
8 hours ago

Car Trouble:

Jean Gardner: your prices are way too high. For that reason, you are usually at the bottom of my shopping list.
4 hours ago

Gemz Gypsy: I will NEVER take my car there for service again... I went and bought 4 brand new tires there a few years ago and they just polished up my old ones, filled them with air and tried passing them off as my new ones I had just purchased... I had to produce a a receipt I had for a puncture hole I had filled on one of the old ones to obtain my new tires, and my dad accompanied me to obtain the new ones... another example of mechanics taking advantage of women.
4 hours ago

Dan McLeod: I'll believe Canadian Tire stores aren't so bad when they stop telling people you have to drop gas tanks to change front to rear brake lines.
3 hours ago

Philippe Cyr: Some of the mechanics are good and some are just bad and don't know a thing. I used to work in the parts department of the local store years ago and I always laughed at the number of times teh mechanics asked me a question on how to fix the problem or to trouble shoot it.
3 hours ago

Joey Marks: only thing is if something like simple as broken strut they will hit you with a 1000$ bill or more, lmfao when a strut for a small car will go for 150 new and 20 to install
3 hours ago

Terry LeBreton-Dashnay: This is funny they deleted my comment........... Apparently they didnt like it............truth must hurt
2 hours ago


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Car Troubles?

Jonathan Lavallee: Do not go to canadian tire garage NOOB palace !!!!
9 hours ago

Free Tow:

Don Kearney-Bourque: Maybe Canadian tire can tow my car after your Simoniz Drive-thru "touchless" carwash ripped the valve cap and valve stem off my two-week old car rendering it useless for my 1.5 hour commute tomorrow! I emailed your gas+ people and it says you'll contact me in "a few days"..... What am I supposed to do "for a few days"?????
23 hours ago
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On the Fish Finded thread, somebody got their post deleted, about an a/c unit that doesn't work:

Tracy Clark: someone took it off must have been a canadian tire employee and i only bought it saturday
9 hours ago

Tracy Clark: its not broken they are just garbage its no better than a fan
7 hours ago

This guy used to only complain about customers' grammar, but now he's got some actual opinions on the "Here if You Need Us" thread:

Carl Szpargala: I seem to remember a program on TV exposing repair facilities that were dishonest. Think it may have been W5 or something similar. CT was in the top 3.
29 minutes ago

Carl Szpargala: If you purchase a CAA membership, you can have your car towed to a shop of your choice. It is true that CT "techs" are of poor quallity. They are not able to be employed elsewhere. CT is their last stop before EI.
26 minutes ago


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Richard Campbell: I will never shop with a company that doesn't stand behind the merchandise it sells. I'm not shopping with you ever again Canadian tire!

Melinda Pinette: Auto Tip: When bringing your car into a CTC, make sure they change the oil for REAL, instead of dupping you for a service not rendered...good job CTC..a complaint has been already sent..door over there?...thanks!

And, follow up on the Crappy AC:

Tracy Clark: im buying another one from costco canadian tire will not be getting my business anymore and i'll be sure to tell everyone that sits in my chair for a haircut what i was treated like there
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Cassy Player: You guys have the ruddest people that work at this one store. I haven't shopped at Canadian Tire in 6 years because of the last time and the way I was treated by the store maneger.
5 hours ago

John Ruberto: yes clinton , that is why I will stop shopping at Can Tire and suggest to other to do so as well.
3 hours ago

Diana Mar: Hi! someone knows how could I make a complaint for discriminatory practices at Canadian Tire Boulevard Maloney??
Saturday at 7:52pm


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Wesley Moores*‎"I thought CT, had more respect for costumers!"


Paula Likely*We purchased a Sirius satellite radio for our car, went to have it iinstalled, and it was defective, went to Walmart and got an XM which works beautifully.
5 hours ago

Michael Lawry*went in to buy a inflatable boat a few times but it was never in @ a few stores ... it just seemed you guys put a great deal in the flyer just to get people in buying other things, why advertise it if it is never in I like shopping there but stuff like this has got to cease
5 hours ago

Betty Rattie*I recently went to get an oil change on my car,I went out to start my car,I heard this loud BANG,turned my car off and noticed somestuff comming out under neath my car,I looked underneath and noticed my oil filter lieing on the ground underneath my car oil pouring out,I am so upset with canadian tire,ANNND very rude when i phoned them to let them know what happened,They blamed it on me till they discoverd it was their fault!!!!!!
5 hours ago*

Tracy Smith-Erhardt*Last time I went to make a purchase at my local store the stuff I wanted wasn't in stock,,,, and this seems to happen to me far to often so I can't even give a review :(
5 hours ago

Ryan Farrell*I try to avoid the store in Timmins unless I know exactly what I am looking for and it's on sale. It's pretty much impossible to find staff there to help you. Most of the time you will find them huddled up together talking and trying to hide from you.
5 hours ago

Don Angus*i agree with the guy who went to buy a boat and was never there,kept coming back to see. good deal that never happened. I bought a oil filter the other day also to change my oil., dropped the oil to find out the filter dont fit .. the past 6 months havent been good for me there. the list could go on and on but leave room for someone else..
5 hours ago

Dana Parent*Dieppe location on this past Sunday... no clerks at parts counter for about 10-15 minutes then they didn't know if the brake pads I asked for were the right ones. They were however it shouldn't be up to me to tell him that. Wow...
5 hours ago

Lonny Coulombe*I purchased a wardrobe/clothes hanger for delicates a couple of weeks back and misplaced the receipt as I was moving. I went to build the unit a couple of days ago and the item was missing parts. I went to exchange it yesterday and the CSR told me NO I couldn't because I didn't have the receipt. I told her I just moved and it was a simple exchange and she said NO - too bad!! I told her to keep tthe unit bcuz it was useless to me without the parts. Why sell items that you can't build?*
Not so impressed...
Beacon hill - calgary ab
5 hours ago

Laura Leah Parker- Williams*I bought a Black & decker deep fryer , it wouldn't heat the fat hot enough to fry , took it back had no problem with the exchange for the new one and it is no better than I first one I bought. It is one product that I would not recommend.
5 hours ago

Katherine Hubicka*Used to love to shop at Canadian tire, however the service has gone down hill lately!!! Every time I go there the staff makes me want to strangle them, they are RUDE!! They don't know their policies when it comes to price adjustments and refunds, very dissapointed
4 hours ago

Jeremie Ryan*Got my summer tires changed at Canadian Tire on June 15th and 1.5 months after, the front left tire was falling off my car. Canadian Tire was negligent and had not insured the tire was put on properly. They put the life of my family and mine at risk. We were lucky! I will never shop at Canadian Tire again...Ever!!!
4 hours ago

April Dodman*I wasnt impressed at, was looking at a kitchen aid mixer, which were on sale, but only some, so i had to go find someone to help, and then they were unable to explain to me, why the same models of the kitchen aid, were different prices, i didnt see why a coloured kitchen aid was 200 dollars more then a white or black one, i asked seeing as it was one sale if i could have a coloured on based on the regular price of the black or white one, they would not give any answer or any deal at all. they lost the sale of two kitchen mixers that day, because they couldnt even begin to explain nor help in anyway. If i lived in a bigger centre where you could go to more places for tools, etc.. i probably wouldnt shop at our store for a while.
4 hours ago

Jordan Solomon*Oster blender, btw it caught on fire.. Lol
4 hours ago

Pat Skelley*I stopped shopping at canadian tire seems the mapleridge store dosent care. Can take over 30 mins to find someone on the floor to get tools or help with anything. When you do gind someone and ask what isle something is in you get a ahhhhhh i dont know. Stop hiring cheap kid labour and hire people that actually care about the job...... Lordco way better service
3 hours ago

Justin LeRoux*Well I'm sure a bad shopping story is not a desired one but good or bad they all help a company improve. I was looking to purchase a Luca patio table for my deck and it seemed that all were sold out in Calgary. So I decided to check other Alberta stores. I noticed the Olds Location had 3 in stock. So I called to confirm they had them and the girl on the phone said "Yup we have 3 in stock". I said, for sure you have them? I'm coming from Calgary and its about an hours drive. Oh yes, she said they are here. Now normally this isn't an issue but with me being a dialysis patient and doing dialysis every night, I had to postpone my treatment because I was driving to Olds after work and wouldn't get home in time to do the regular treatment. Of course when I got there, none in stock. She couldn't find them and said come back tomorrow. I explained I'm from Calgary and called ahead to confirm they were in stock. Well I went home and tried for about 2 weeks to find one. I even looked into going to BC. So last week i was in Edmonton and on my way home I thought I would check the Olds store one more time. Called them and they said they had one. I said to the guy, "Can you physically touch it because I am coming form out of town" "Yes, I'll put it aside for you. Great table, but a brutal time spent getting it. Very disappointed with Canadian Tire service. But a shopping trip is a shopping trip good or bad!
2 hours ago

Bryan de Roos*I bought some plants. They died
2 hours ago