Grudges, Complainers and Other Retailers: Canadian Tire Still Sucks!


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There's another thread here for discussing the ever-growing boycott against Crappy Tire.

The Owner/Moaner has a long history of hostility towards that thread, and others like it.

Presumably anything that exposes the 'everybody loves us' myth is a threat to their wallet, so they attack consumers and other retailers on this site. Strangest of all, they often post comments (typically inaccurate ones) about retailers in entirely different countries!

Here's a recent sample from

You want to see some SERIOUS boycotting, check out some major debacles going on in the retail landscape these days

Target - major card and data security breach, but hey what's 40 million customers? Only took them a few days to tell anyone, during the busiest shopping time of the year. Oh wait, two weeks later they now say PIN numbers were also compromised, after telling everyone PIN's were secure.
Nice turn around Target, well crafted.

The Brick - my current favourite. You did WHAT to customers on Boxing day purchases? Oh that's right, you gave them a huge discount by mistake, confirmed the purchases on their credit cards, gave them receipts and now they want customers to give them more money now because of the little online screw up? And if they don't, they will cancel the transaction and not sell the items to the customers. I think I should post on their facebook page to contact you guys, the experts in SOGA, CPA etc..... they can find you in facebook right? David L and Irene C - yah that's right
You want to see a REAL tsunami of boycotts. Check out the brick on facebook and the related articles on cbc, global etc..... Their boycott list is hundreds in the last two days. LOL Took you three years to pull that off hahaha Now THAT'S what I call a screw up!!!

So, what the point of dragging in claims about US retailers, and furniture stores?

Clearly the REAL issue is this: the Moaner/Owner doesn't want Canadians to realize just how much their Red Triangle of Crap stores suck, how many ordinary Canadians hate their crappy stores, and how many other have been driven to boycott their entire loosely-based chain!


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So, on the topic of "Other Retailers", I decided to look into the so-called "tsunami" of boycotts posted over on The Brick's Facebook page.

The Owner/Moaner claimed there were "hundreds".

Guess how many actual boycott declarations there are on The Brick's page?


Nice going, Owner/Moaner!



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It is like I have said all along ... Many many dissatisfied customers at every retailer for any number of reasons, but they all continue on.

Indeed, we've seen this faulty logic posted many times, going back to the days when Sangria was still posting as Angry CT Guy.

The logic is thus: if even one customer has every complained about any other retailer, then consumer are to conclude that CT must be an OK company, even if there is a contant out-pouring of customer dissatisfaction being posted every day on Crappy Tire's own Facebook page.

Luckily, consumers are not as illogical and gullible as S-Angry-A-Guy believe them to be.

We can see for ourselves the perils that await us at the local Red Triangle of Crap store!

Thank you, Fellow Canadians, for the generous use of your time, in posting these warnings about Crappy Tire!


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Well, at least this is in the "Other Retailer" thread.

I checked it out - nothing really about Boycotts, LMAO!

I like the comments below.

Yeah, so did I. There is exactly ONE person who says they'll boycott The Brick, bringing the total to, what? 82? LMFAO!

8her is not a big fan of facts.

Oh, and S-Angry-A-Guy had started out so well.

- Posts inflammatory messages.
- Posts extraneous messages.
- Intends to provoke readers into an emotional response.
- Intends to disrupt normal on-topic discussion.

Troll Alert!


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Maybe the CTers will listen to this guy?

Dalton B.: The old adage rings true... A satisfied customer will tell maybe 1 or 2 people and an unhappy customer will tell 100.


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It seems to me that Angry Sangria Guy is admitting that Crappy Tire, does, indeed suck:

If you read any complaint site whatsoever, you see that 100% customer satisfaction is not reality. Each business has its distractors. You can take hundreds of complaints at CT and see hundreds of complaints at Walmart, home depot, target, etc. Just proves the point that all these extremely successful businesses stil can't satisfy 100% of everyone that walks through their doors.

What he's trying to convince us, is that CT only sucks as much as other retailers, and doesn't suck more than the others.

Nice try, LOL!

We can tell just from the complaints posted to the different company's Facebook pages, how much worse CT is than similiar retailers.

One thing I've noticed lately, is that CT customers frequently report a long history of disappointing service from Crappy Tire, before they finally give up on the company entirely.

You just don't see that with the other big stores, on their Facebook pages!

I guess that's what happens when you've been Dis-Serving Canadians since 1922, LOL!
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Speaking of other retailers, I decided to take a closer look at the Facebook page for Walmart Canada at

One of the CTers observed that, gee, there’s a complaint or two over at the Walmart Canada page. Doesn't that me we should all just ignore all the complaints about Crappy Tire?

Well, I decided to take a closer look at the complaints, in both quantity and type of complaint.

I'll post my results shortly ...

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OK, here's the tally of complaints posted during a one-week period, at both, and at

I've grouped them together, to with similar categories:

- Staff (rudeness, customer service, long lines, etc.): Walmart 9, Crappy Tire 12.

- Lack of stock (but NOT for items on sale): Walmart 1, Crappy Tire 3.

- Product concerns (safety, quality): Walmart 2, Crappy Tire 3.

- Lack of stock for sale items, or for Rain Checks: Walmart 1, Crappy Tire 2.

- Facilities issues (parking lots, bathrooms, etc.): Walmart 3, Crappy Tire 2.

- Price-Matching: Walmart 2, Crappy Tire 0.

Total: Walmart Canada = 18, Crappy Tire = 22

Sounds pretty equal, but CT is definitely ahead (18% ahead).

But that isn’t the whole story.

Because Crappy Tire had a lot of complaints, in areas where Walmart Canada didn’t have any:

- Automotive complaints: 6
- Boycott announcements: 5
- Credit card issues: 2
- Web site complaints: 2
- No returns on opened items: 1
- Incorrect pricing: 1
- Coupon issues: 1
- Objections to Spam: 1
- Gift card issues: 1
- Customers who simply said, "Canadian Tire Sucks”: 5

Total for Crappy Tire: 25+22 = 47.

Almost 3 times as many complaints on CT's Facebook page, in the same 7-day period.

So, based on this quick survey, Canadians have ‘voted’ with their computers that Crappy Tire has much worse products, facilities, staff and services than Walmart Canada does.

It would be interesting to try this again, on a week where Crappy Tire is paying Facebook to Spam Canadians – counting up all those complaints would be a LOT of work!