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I'm thrill to come across this communities for Canadian tire victims.
I'm a 3rd year apprentice in the automotive service trade and Canadian tire was my first shop. Nobody else would hire me with no experience at the time. as soon as I got my first year training I got the hell out of there. The 2.5 years I spent there was miserable. Me and all my ex-coworker all despise Canadian tire with a passion. In fact when I went to school, I was so ashamed with the shop I was in, I've purchased my own coverall so that I wouldn't have to wear the canadian tire coverall.
look forward to share some interesting stories from the times I spent working there.


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I've been driving 40 years, and it never occurred to me to take my car near a CT or similar (Sears) gargage. Sure, I bought batteries, tools, parts, from CT but when I had a flat tire out-of-town, on a weekend when all other garages were closed, I wouldn't even let them patch it. And that was before they pissed me off, when I liked CTC. So what I've always wanted to know is: who goes there? Don't they realize it's not cheaper than any other garage? Why do people who don't want to go to a dealer build a relationship with a small corner garage instead?