Lousy mechanics and even worse service manager


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I drove my Subaru to Canadian Tire on Thursday nigh. It needed the fuel pump looked at and the catalytic converter. Also probably needed a new battery. When they phoned me Friday afternoon they told me 1 cylinder had low compression and the car needed major engine work. When I picked it up Saturday it would not start at all in their parking lot. When I told the service manager this he told me they had to push it out of the bay to lot. Why would you push a car across the whole parking lot instead of to the nearest space. They also told me they had to push the car into the bays in the first place. If that was true, why would you not tell me that when you phoned me? Why would you not tell me that you also had to push it out? When I complained to the service manager, I was told I was welcome to go elsewhere. That is what I will do.
TO Anyone in the Stony Plain/ Spruce Grove area in Alberta, be warned the Canadian Tire in Spruce Grove has TERRIBLE mechanics and the SRvice Manager on weekends Is a total A-hole. BE SMART, Take your vehicles anywhere else, except this rip-off joint. Boycott Canadian Tire Service in the Spruce Grove store.Most useless place there is.