Have you ever had an argument with a Crappy Tire cashier?

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I was in the Sarcee Trail store in Calgary and found a big NO SMOKING sign that had been marked down to $.87 . I thought it would be funny to give to my Mother In Law for a special occasion. So, I put the item in my cart and proceeded to check out. When it rang up, it was for $1.79, and I told the girl it was the wrong price and it had been marked down.

She said that $1.79 is the correct price and looked plenty annoyed! At this moment I was pleased because I knew I would have to make Crappy Tire employees work and actually do something.

So after about 30 seconds of telling her she is wrong, she got another Crappy Tire employee to check the price. In the mean time, there are people lining up behind me and probably aren't too happy.

The girl comes back and verifies that this price is $.87 - so remember, always make those happy Crappy Employees do their job.
As a Canadian Tire employee myself.. I would just like you to know that I actually hate my job and so does pretty much everyone else that works here. Most of us have just given up on trying to make our workplace experience a good one, and those that do get shit on by customers and our managers. sooo.. long story short, we're grumpy as shit for a reason, and also minor alcoholics..