1. T

    18v PowerXchange cordless tools

    I have a bunch of PowerXchange cordless tools. It's unfortunate they have two battery systems with the same name and voltage. Mine are the style with angular batteries, not the brick shaped batteries. Here is my opinion o 1/2" Hammer drill - Excellent. Lot's of power. Metal gear case...
  2. T

    Defective Air Nailer Canadian Tire Won't Refund

    We tried to return an air nailer that has never been used. Why has it never been used, because it does not work. When we went to return it, we were told it must be taken to a repair shop. What a stupid deal. Return a brand new tool to a repair shop, and DO NOT RETURN TO STORE!! What is that...
  3. Bertminator

    So Called Lifetime warranty on tools..BS

    I bought drill bit set 22 years ago 1989, and still have the receipt which I was told at the time was my warranty for these "lifetime" bits. Since then I think I returned bits for warranty twice, with 1st time no issues, 2nd time minor issues, but this evening I was told No way were these...
  4. D

    Jobmate Tools

    I have been buying jobMate tools for years havnt broken one havent wore one out never had any problems with anything they are low priced anyone can afford them if you are hard on tools buy an expensive set, if you want a good set at a low price wonderful buy cant say anything bad about these...
  5. K

    Canadian Tire Takes Advantage Of 18 yr old University Student

    My Daughter brought her car into Canadian Tire Monday Dec 13/2010 because her front end was smoking and she wasn't getting any heat in her car. They hoisted her car up, gave her an oil change and told her there might be a clog in her thermostate. She took the car home and on Wednesday it...
  6. G

    Unacceptable service

    I had these guys do a wheel alignment for me. Alignment seems OK. However, the service order says I must re-torque the lug nuts after 50 kms. So, I went to do that, and found one lug nut cross threaded. The lug nut is jammed about 1/4" away from the wheel, and I can't tighten or loosen it...
  7. G

    Returned goods put back on shelf to be resold (to me)

    It seems almost everything I buy at CT has been returned. I consider these products to be used, not new. I bought a cot. Good quality, on closer inspection, blond hair boot print and dust. Hey, unexpected overnight guests? Buy, no rent, cot at CT and return it the next day. It's back on...
  8. G

    Never will shop at ct again in my life

    I posted this thread in LOCATION section before, I will post it here again because I feel it is a personal story. My experience with CT in general Sucks. This is the worst Brand Name store I have ever shopped at. A few years ago, I purchased a pair of tire chains, then only find out it was...
  9. G

    Atv 3000 super winch

    I purchased a Super Winch AtV 3000 in Dec 09.. My new machine 100 Kms. had only 100 kms when the transmission went on it. Consequently I didn't hook up the AtVv 3000 untill this spring. I now have 205 Kms. on it and a failed attempt at an ATV 2000 super winch which I threw in the bush. In the...
  10. I

    I work at canadian tire listen to what i have to say

    i work at canadian tire in ontario and it is the worst place to work in town. we recently had a major changeover in our store, we have recieved a new "owner" of the store. i am personally going on my 3rd year of working there and i hate it! i have worked at that crap hole for 2 years longer...
  11. G

    Is this site sponsored by Wal-Mart?

    or any other large chain store competing with Canadian Tire?
  12. C

    horrible pay for experience

    Hey so first time poster here just found the website. Pretty frustrated with Canadian tire. Long story short they pay crap, even when your bringing dealership experience. I worked for a GM dealer that recently closed, and in a pinch, took a job there. So far thats probably the biggest mistake of...
  13. J

    Auto center sold me defective tires

    Well, it was my GFs car actually. She was short on cash, so I gave her 2 of my tires, then said to get 2 CT brad ones, since her daily commute was like 5 minutes each way, no biggie. I asked them. 2 new ones in front, my 2 old ones in back. They put 2 new ones on the left, and 2 old ones on the...
  14. G

    oil filters / tires

    warning motomaster oil filters recalled due to manufacturing defects which causes them to leak note also these oil filters are made in China not by Fram several types of motomaster tires are also made in China check the sidewall for country of origin employes typically say motomaster tires are...
  15. V

    good store

    good store in general ... 2 stair the downstair is the garage and cars parts tool for car accesories and the upstair is all other stuff ....i think it was built between 1973-1977 when i was a littlle boys it was the favorite store of my father it was a big massive look alike a bunker...
  16. V

    masterxraft tool

    Yeah i love mastercraft tool i love to see flyer every week to see rebate and i buy tool who i dont own..i keep invoice for warranty .. I know that not snap -on tool but i think it work well i am mechanik in a stock car team i have no shame to work with mastercraft tool i never had problem...
  17. V

    cars parts story

    Hi all, i had 3 little story about cars part to tell very funny in some case... -first story ; When a i had my first cars 17 year old, i go to canadian tire to buy spark plugs for ma little chevy chevette. They have no display, but i ask for service, i take a ticket, When it was my turn...
  18. N

    Need Help on how to deal with Canadian Tire

    I bought a MasterCraft Air Compressor at the Cambie street store. I took it to Mayne Island to use to pump up a backhoe tire and it broke in 2 minutes the first day of use (second day I owned it). Basically the connecting rod to the compressor piston shattered into hundreds of pieces (yes - I...
  19. A

    How do you rate 2211 Bould. Roland Therrien, Longueuil, QC store?

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  20. A

    How do you rate 2445 Saskatchewan Ave W, Portage La Prairie, MB store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.