Customer Service is extremely poor at the service desk ... wow unreal!!!


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Walked in to get an oil change for a rental. Enterprise. The old guy in front of me is looking at getting his car rust checked. So the grey hair unfriendly chap at the counter barely looks at this guy and says it will be about 3 hours or more. So do you want it done or not? The guys are on lunch and you should have come at 10 or 2, as it would be better then. The CT service advisor could have said, you know we are on lunch sir, but I would love to get your car in at 2, can you return.... but no he is short and rude. So the older guy just turns and leaves. Should have told him about other places that would not turn you away and would go out of their way to assist you. Anyway I move forward, and ask how long for an oil change. Guy says about an hour or so. I ask is that in an hour as I am pressed today, and he doesnt even look up... he is short and rude. Unreal. Cant get service in this place, except for one lady on returns, and one really tall guy that will go out of his way to help you find something. I say put them in charge and fire the rest. Only way to get rid of the chip on the shoulders of these staff members.