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Hello everyone! I look forward to getting into some nice in-depth conversations about the crap that is "Canadian Tire".
I used to work there for a very short time, but learned a lot about the BS about the store's (and the managers') functionality.
In the particular store that I had worked in, management was extremely lazy and didn't care about helping the customers. One of these individuals was very immature as well. On most days, there would be 2-3 managers on in my department (hardware) alone. Personally I think this is excessive, but more to the point, they would leave the store or something and not be found when needed (which was for about 7 hours of the 8-9 hour shift). To top it off, only those individuals, on my shift, had the keys to the cases for the power tools & they were the only ones trained to use the key cutter & mixing paint. I have had multiple customers come up to me and ask me for help with these things, and after paging these individuals, and looking for them through the store and pretty much doing anything I could to find them, they were never anywhere to be found. Later in the day, I would see these managers, walking in from outside of the store, together and laughing with a Tim Hortons coffee in their hands. This is after HOURS of being "missing".
After explaining to the customers that I couldn't help them (and why), they didn't get mad at me, but they were mad at these employees(managers).
To me, that says, these particular managers are not functioning properly, therefore the store doesn't function properly.
To make a customer walk out without buying something, only to have them buy it at another store, is not good business.
It is also not good function, to put defective items that have been brought back to the store, through customer service, back on the shelves for sale.
Do you think that's good function? When multiple people keep bringing back the SAME item?
Also, the store that I worked in was more than just "filthy". It was disgusting. Mind you they have moved their store to a different location since then. They are in a brand new building as of just a few years ago and no longer is "filthy". It is very clean now.
I'm not trying to keep people from shopping in Canadian Tire stores, I'm just trying to inform people of the facts.
I can only speak from experience about the store I worked in, and things could have easily changed by now because those people may no longer be working there or have changed their ways. I don't know.
Honestly, I still shop there from time to time.
You know, even shopping there when I was a kid, the employees were all very rude and "cold". Not caring about helping anyone.
I know this happens in other stores too, but this site isn't about other stores, it's about Canadian Tire.
You make a lot of generalizations, but it sure doesn't sound like these guys had their heart into their job, that's for sure.
Agreed!! ^
I found the manager at my store didn't know what they were doing and would micro-manage. Creating problems that didn't need to happen or avoiding issues that they didn't know how to address.