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New member
hey i have to tell you what happened, issued the claim in Burlington Small Claim Court, asked a friend to deliver CT copy which he did. they asked him to wait for the received and he staid there for more than half an hour then they said they can not accept the claim so he brought that back. i told him that i don't care about the receive just go there and leave a copy in front of the camera, he went back and showed the documents to all camera and left the place, they didn't want to accept it!!! anyway offer that i can take the care out if i wave the claim. hey man i owe you allot, i mentioned all the acts which you told me i also sent you a copy of the claim by private message hope it works, wish all the best for you take care

Hi, Highborn:

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

First of all, congratulations on the resolution of your issue with Crappy Tire!

It seems like consumers are on a roll, clawing their way out from under the piles of Crap that have been dumped upon them.

If I understand your post correctly, you’ve managed to compel Crappy Tire into releasing your vehicle! Woo-Hoo.

(But one would expect that a competent mechanic, having already mis-diagnosed the problem, and then utterly failing to correct the original problem, would have sheepishly returned the vehicle to you, with a contrite ‘sorry for the inconvenience’, and not even bothered to mention the cost of any parts they might have mistakenly put onto your vehicle. But, as I wrote: "competent" is the key word!)

From the sounds of it, they actually should be on the hook, to complete the entire ‘repair’ they agreed to perform, whether it be water pumpt, radiator replacement, or whatever, for the original quote of $428 plus 10% (I.e., an extra $42.80), even though they claim the job should have been quoted at $1800 plus tax.

But it certainly sucks that you had to be dragged through all of this, due only to CT’s incompetence, followed by greed and arrogance. It would be nothing more that basic fairness if they also compensated you for all your lost time battling with them to get a fair deal, plus the court hassles, etc. Not to mention all the stress and worry they caused, by not saying in the first place that this would cost $1800 (in which case, you would have just walked away, knowing the vehicle wasn’t worth fixing).

By the way, before giving up on this vehicle entirely, I suggest that you take the vehicle to a competent mechanic for a correct diagnosis of what’s actually wrong, as well as an accurate estimate on what it will cost to once and for all fix it.

Again, Congratulations on your win, and Sorry that you fell,into this trap in the first place!


New member
Thank you for all your comments, suggestions, and also kind words of support during this procedure,Without your help, I wouldn't have any succeeded. right now i am thinking to take CT to the court even i get less than what they offer me right now, they would have found the solution before i filed the claim. however i got the key point from you so i need more comments & suggestions, i have some more information which i want to share with you (recently). i would like just to email you for now and if you find it is OK you would publish it here for every body to see.
thank you again & regards