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Posted by an unregistered user
Simply awful. We bought a bike, it fell apart within months. We bought an automatic litter box, didn't work and the store refused to accept the item on return. Always terrible service, aisles always blocked with crap. Go to Walmart instead and save money.
Do not shop at this location . Try to return something from another store and
you'll see why! The managers lie right to your face.
There is never any sales staff around to help you find what your looking for.
Also too many things under lock and key and no one to open them.


Posted by an unregistered user
Can't even tell that vehicle has no brakes

I brought my Suburban in to have winter tires put on. They didn't tell me anything was wrong with my brakes. We had all kinds of problems, sounds, vibrations etc. and really bad gas mileage immediatly afterwards.

I brought my vehicle in a couple of weeks later to complain and to ask them to check the brakes, tires, suspension etc. They told me nothing was wrong with my vehicle, they checked everything I asked for and even took the vehicle for a test drive, going over 120 km/h. I asked them how this did a test drive since the vehicle never left the lot while I was waiting. I was then told they drove my vehicle up Trafalgar (speed limit 80 km/h). I asked them how they had time to check everything when my vehicle went up and down the lift so quickly. They disputed how long they were looking at it.

When they went to hand me my keys a DIFFERENT service advisor noticed a comment that there was oil leaking from the shock absorber. I asked why they put the wheel back on then and park my truck in the parking lot, rather than telling me their findings first They didn't even know what was causing the oil leak at that point. He said he didn't know, but he'd find out. He did apologise, saying only a "tire guy" was put on the truck and it should have gone to a mechanic. He wanted to take the vehicle for another test drive, and put the vehicle back on the lift. They didn't have any shock absorbers in stock - so I asked what the point was, and if I could take my truck home. I asked point blank if the vehicle was safe to drive for a couple of days and I was told "yes".

Being upset about the obvious lies from the first service advisor, I took my truck to my dealership. I found out I had NO brakes left on the back and only 3 mm on the front. I have a wife and 4 children that depend on this vehicle to keep them safe. Their lives were put in danger. Furthermore, the U joint needed to be replaced.

The dealership did a complete front and back brake replacement, and sent me home with the brake pads. The mechanic even marked up the brake pads to show all the wear, cracks etc. I'll going to take the brake pads back to the Canadian Tire Service Manager and show him just how much they botched this up.

So - when Canadian Tire puts my vehicle on a lift 3 times in a couple of weeks, and can't tell I have NO BRAKES, how can you trust them with anything else? They lied to me and put my family's lives in danger.


Posted by an unregistered user
Hi, I am new to this site but my husband uses it often. A little late to post this, but I just noticed that you could comment on individual stores. I have never had a problem with this store, until I tried to return my toaster oven. When I walked into the store I was greeted by what seemed to be a very nice, cashier..or customer service lady. Once I explained that I wanted to return my toaster oven, which had been used, the lady turned on me. She told me that " She wasn't a miracle worker, rules are rules" and she had to follow them.. This came out of the blue. Once I questioned the lady on "her" return policy she seemed to become very irrate and annoyed. At this point she just moved onto the next customer. My child, just got a job at this store, and she really likes it. As for the this "customer service lady", it wasn't until after the return that I found out she was a manager at the store. My child agreed with me that she was very difficult to get along with and often made customers angry (sometimes for no reason at all). I am very happy that I didn't know about the "individual store posting" option back when I tried to make this return. Otherwise it would have been filled with negative comments. I am happy to say that my daughter told me about a month ago that this lady no longer works there, likely because of her attitude. From past shopping trips, I know that this place is a good place to shop. It is filled with hardworking staff, and staff who care. And I am not saying that just because my daughter works there. I love to shop at this location, and will continue to suggest this store to my friends, neighbours and family.