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Posted by an unregistered user
the problems i find at this canadian tire store are 1 there is never enough counters open usually 1 and the customer service desk, and 2 as i have used canadian tire for all of my car repairs up until 2 months ago i have had my car in there 5-6 times getting repairs , in 3 months it needed a tune up and fuel injection cleaning, new starter, and headlight mudule all 3 times car had broken down i take good care of my vehicles and was suprised it was breaking down so much, then after the last repair about two weeks later i tried me remote start and it was no longer working i replaced the battery and still nothing i contacted the service manager and without even looking at my car said it was not there fault even though it was working before they did work on it and were the only ones to work on my car and would charge me to even look at the vehicle even though they did the only work, then i went to replace my brakes i couldnt even budge the lug nuts (guess who installed my tires.. canadian tire of course) im 6 ft 240 pounds and no slouch, they were well over torgued took a 4 foot bar and me putting all my weight on it to remove... if i had a blowout on the highway and tried to use my 4 way to remove and change spare there would have been no way, after going to the same store for service for over a year and never once complaining how can you dismiss a loyal customers complaint, bad business i say and with such a small population in fort saskatchewan word of mouth travels fast.