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Background story:

Bought used 944 with winter tires on it. It came with a set of summers. I put the summers on but they were so bad I thought the car was going to rattle itself apart. Initial plan was to drive to the US on said crappy tires and get new ones there for about 1/2 the price of what I would pay up here. However, the tires were so crappy that I didn't want to make the drive all the way there on them. So since Canadian Tire has the word "tire" in their name I figured that was at least one thing they couldn't screw up and they might have the right sizes in stock since the Porsche takes two different sized tires and has two different sized rims.

Canadian Tire experience:

So I go to the Canadian Tire in Milton. They have one size in stock. They tell me the store on Woodlawn in Guelph has the other size in stock. I buy the one set in Milton and drive to the Woodlawn store (I was going to Guelph anyway). I buy the second set at the Woodlawn store but they tell me I need to go to a "specialty shop" to have them installed. Apparently I was wrong in assuming that having the word "tire" in the name meant they'd be half decent at them. Anyway, I ask if they can ask the Stone Road location if they can install them. I am told that they cannot because it would be too hard to explain over the phone (Um, why? There's only so many measurements on a wheel/tire combo to discuss that could make a difference... anyway, on with the story...).

So I drive to the Stone Road location. They tell me they have no idea what the people at the Woodlawn store were talking about and they can install them but they do not have time. I need to come back the next day first thing in the morning. I do so. I am the very first person in the store when they open. It still takes them over 4 hours to install my tires.

A day or two later I realize they have screwed up bad. They put the larger tires on one side of the car and the smaller tires on the other. What the hell? So I stop at the Milton store on the way home from work (I live near Guelph and work in Mississauga). They basically tell me the people at the other store must be retarded or something and "fix" the problem (so I thought). I double checked this time that the larger tires were on the back and smaller on the front. All good.

A few days later I notice there is a large chunk missing out of my body work near the bottom of the car. Obviously from a misplaced lift or something. There is no way something on the road caused the dent. As far as I'm concerned someone at Canadian Tire did this as I would have noticed it when I swapped the winter and summer wheels and no one else has lifted the car. I send an email to Customer Service complaining about my bad service and that I would like them to repair this chunk missing from the bottom of my car. I get no response (as I expected).

So today (many weeks later) while working on the car I thought it was odd that the driver's side front wheel was lined up with the fender while the other one was inset about 1-2 inches. Upon farther investigation I realize that on the driver's side, even though the tires are correct, the rims are swapped. The larger (wider) rim is on the front and the smaller rim on the back. So the smaller tire is on the larger rim and the larger tire on the smaller rim. What the hell?

Anyway, now I'm to the point where I feel I should be reimbursed the installation cost ($120 or something like that) due to all the hassle and repeat visits I had to make; have the tires/rims swapped around for free to make it "right"; and that they should pay to repair the dent/missing chunk in my body work. If I wanted hassle/to waste time I would've just driven to the US and got tires for half the price.

So, can anyone recommend a course of action to make any of that happen? I'm thinking probably the most I'll get is they'll fix up the tires/rims situation and I'll be SOL for the loss of my time and the body work I'm going to have to get fixed myself before it rusts.

Sorry for the long story. They just piss me off so much. It's like they really don't want my business. Every time I'm about to go there I'm thinking, "No, they did crappy work last time. You're going to regret it." But I give them the chance anyway. Then they screw it up again. From now on I think I'm just going to rent a car if I need emergency work done on the weekend/evenings than submit myself to Canadian Tire's abuse.
Wow, that IS bad, that's why I check/verify EVERYTHING done by a shop before I leave their parking lot.

I've had a lot of stuff done at CT and haven't been disappointed yet, but I explain everything throughly, have them put it on the work order, and sometimes I even speak to the dude who will be doing the work beforehand, just to be sure, usually if there is sonething real specific to mention.

My mother-in-law dropped off 4 rims to have tires put on them, and when she picked up the rims, the center caps were missing. She was never reimbursed for that.

That's where self-protection comes in. I would NEVER leave "extras" with any shop, just the bare essentials. ANd since she lives out of town, she left the rims with them for a week. I get my stuff in first thing, and get them back the same day from the same dude, so I am dealing with the same person for the sake of continuity.
Sorry to hear buddy, but like you said...they wont do much for the mess up other than "fix" it...if they don't mess up again.

As for the body work, they argue it way to much they aren't gonna give you anything.
Unfortunately :(
I think it is pretty funny that someone driving a porche would buy tires from canadian tire. The canadian tire guys aren't the only idiots in this story.
I bought two new tires from crappytire and and one had a broken belt !! Upon taking a

closer look at the tire, I saw where it was made in CHILE !!! So buyers beware, the

tires aren't made in Canada anymore !!!

Meanmike, what tires are manufactured in Canada? Better read up on where the majority of rubber is manufactured now, it ain't in North America.
A guy I know noticed one of his tires was little flat and found a nail in it. The tires are less than a year old and maybe 10K on them. He was out of town in Cobourg ON. The guy was told the tire could not be fixed. This fellow has some mental illness and is slow. So Canadian tire sold him a new tire for $196.+. He showed me the tire and I nearly flipped --- the tire was almost brand new --- all it had was a roofing nail in it. I took it to my garage --- $10 repair + HST. If the tire had gone flat on the highway --- CAA would have fixed it for $0 as part of their service. I could not believe how Cdn Tire took advantage of this guy or why the company would bother. Anyway they made an enemy out of me a lot of other people over this matter. I can be a formitable enemy. I am going after getting this guys money back. Anyon elase with similar stories.