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Canadian Tire!!!! the best company in canada, The best people,service,working hard to deliver the best goods & services to all Canadians!!! anyone who thinks otherwise sucks!!!!!!!! yah go shop american!!!....We work hard everyday for you the customer!!!!!!


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Chinese goods, built to a price, and not backed up by the corp. The best, alright...

From another CANADIAN owned retailer of mostly cheap Chinese goods:

* Royal Service - Serve your customer, giving your absolute best, without exception. Always look for a better way to do it. Recognize the people who give great service.
* Teamwork - Work hard. Commit to build a strong company together.
* People - Respect people for who they are and look for the good in them.
* Personal Responsibility - Be accountable for everything you do.
* Ownership - Help build a hard working, passionate team; committed and empowered to take ownership in your respective role.
* Ethics - Be honest, be fair, and act with integrity.
* Change - Encourage and embrace change and innovation.
* Caring - Balance work and home; look after each other. Be there!
* Communicate - Share our successes and challenges. Listen to each other and celebrate everything.
* Training - Learn from those around you. Take every opportunity to improve your skills.

I don't think it's hard to figure out where the best customer experience is...