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    Canadian Tire Sucks at Auto Repairs - Unnecessary, over-priced, incompetent, incorrect and incomplete!

    There certainly are a lot of complaints about automotive repairs at Crappy Tire stores. This thread can be a place to collect the many stores of unnecessary repairs and over-charging. As well there are stories of incompetence, and also incorrect and incomplete repairs. For stories about tire...
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    Canadian Tire Complaints on facebook - People Hate Crappy Tire!

    I wanted to rename the other "CT facebook" thread, but it looks like I can't do it. So, I'll just start posting on a new thread. The old thread with the litany of recent complaints is still here...
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    Stanley Fat Max 400 Stud Finder

    My wife bought this product almost a year ago. It never worked correctly. We have so many unnecessary holes because of it's inaccuracy. I decided to give it one last chance today when I was installing a hose reel. I would of been better off guessing. So, wondering what I have for options. I'm so...
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    Defective Air Nailer Canadian Tire Won't Refund

    We tried to return an air nailer that has never been used. Why has it never been used, because it does not work. When we went to return it, we were told it must be taken to a repair shop. What a stupid deal. Return a brand new tool to a repair shop, and DO NOT RETURN TO STORE!! What is that...
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    My "as-is" experience

    Just want to share my email sent to head office: " Today I was shopping at your Kingsway and Gladstone store in Vancouver and received the worst case of customer service to date. I was looking at a palate of clearance exercise benches all of which were open boxes. As any customer would do I...
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    Customer Complaints on https://www.facebook.com/Canadiantire

    I'd like to start a thread, just on this topic. Here's the first installment, from last night at https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/personal-stories/32-return-policy-17.html#post7209: ---- Sometimes I like to go to the Crappy Tire facebook page, to read all the complaints. Hiliarious...
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    Canadian Tire Lasalle #230: rude manager treats the customers as criminals

    Well, the staff at the Angrignon store (Canadian Tire Lasalle #230, 2221 boul.Angrignon, Lasalle QC) was rude and extremely unfriendly as always. I went with a couple of items and two coupons to the cash and, once I paid for the first item, I gently asked the cashier to pass the second one. Note...
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    Officially the TWO worst Canadian Companies.

    Officially the TWO worst Canadian Companies: Canadian Tire and Air Canada. These two constantly appear on Marketplace and other such programs delving into consumer complaints and they usually prefer to "no comment" when pressed for an interview to correct problems.
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    Will not buy any expensive item from Canadian tire any more

    Just brought a brand new shark vacum for three days. Use it once and it did not work well due to poor design. It does not work well on hard wood floor without turnning on the power brush. But turning on the bursh will damage my hard wood floor. So try to refund it. But CT refuse to give me back...
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    CT is both good and bad

    CT has good selection of products but its service is lacking. Being screwed over by big box stores is almost a way of life these days the forum is way of letting them know what their weakness's are and hopefully fix some problems. Rules for working at CT NEVER OFFER TO HELP NEVER MAKE EYE...
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    another CT return policy sucks example

    I never will buy anything from CT other than maybe dish soap,garbage bags,etc. They have lost a lot of business from me because of one particular incident that really shocked me. We had bought two Coleman double-height queen air matresses from them (which are not cheap). One of them leaked after...
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    STUPID TERMS used on this site!!!!!!!

    What the HELL is with all these STUPID terms and being spread on this website.. "Angry CT Guy" ?? Who the hell is that? "Faker Advocate" ??? What?? And what's the with telling people to donate at the top of the page.. What the HELL does that have to do with these posts??
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    Canadian Tire located in Athabasca, Alberta

    In this small town Canadian Tire they have the worst time getting employees. There has been no mechanics for more then a year. All auto work has been turned away. The tire shop is not much better. They have a small selection of tires to choose from. The real tire shops get most of the business...
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    Will Crappy Tire Survive The Coming Competition?

    The Crappy Defenders generally say they've survived the arrival of Costco and Walmart, so they are safe. Even CEO Steve Wetmore has been quoting Churchill, in anticipation of the coming onslaught: Canadian Tire: Fixing a flat | CanadianBusiness.com What do consumers think about the impending...
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    Returning Unwanted Goods - CT Has the Worst Policies

    A topic that deserves its own thread is the Canadian Tire policies for the return of unwanted goods. Note that this is NOT the same thing as a consumer returning: - A defective product. - A product that is not fit for its intended purpose. (Defective and unfit products are discussed under...
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    Motomaster tires

    Motomaster tires sold and fixed by canadian tire are the worst tires on earth. They are worse than useless. Motomaster tires will be worn out in just 1 year by running just 5000 kms only. I strongly advise that nobody on this earth should buy these f----in tires from this f-----in canadain tire.
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    Worst store even bad for a Canadian Tire

    Bad service, rude staff, not to friendly with folks that are Black, Native, Brown or anything other then white. Have been told by younger staff not to shop there because the service is poor. Can't sharpen skates, infact they said there machine does not work well and there staff are not trained...
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    Can't return anything

    I had the worst experience trying to return anything especially at this Canadian Tire location. They go out of their ways to tell you why they wouldn't be able to return the product. Now the latest excuse is that the product has to be in its original, "unopened" package. I have never heard of...
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    customer service

    After many years of buying items mainly at a Canadian Tire store, the return department were rude and would not listen when I explained my problem I know the 90 day policy, but I bought an item in Jan 2010, because it was winter I never had a chance to use it when I did it did not work...
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    You Guys Need A Life

    I Type in Canadian Tire on my Google page and i stumble upon this stupid site, i find it quite funny that people actually take time out of their "precious" lives to trash talk a store and its employees. Its sad, I would love to see where people who use the forum work. As an employee of CT and...