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Just want to share my email sent to head office:
Today I was shopping at your Kingsway and Gladstone store in Vancouver and received the worst case of customer service to date. I was looking at a palate of clearance exercise benches all of which were open boxes. As any customer would do I was looking to get one that was a complete set. As I lifted the first box parts fell out - immediately a staff member came rushing out at me yelling at me telling me that I was not allowed to open boxes. As other customers were staring she refused to listen as I tried to tell her I wasn't opening them, i was looking for the best one. She said we had to wait for someone to help. Which we complied - someone did come to help, then another associate yelled across the floor to the person helping not to help us but to go outside and help someone else first. All the while your staff was yelling at me ther customers were staring.

As the stock person finally helped me I came up to the register and asked what my recourse would be if there were pieces missing. The manager's response was all sales were final - that was fine so I said that if it was final I was going to check to see if it was a complete set. At this point all other staff in earshot jumped on saying that I could not do that. So they were telling me that I was to pay for something - not know what was inside and not get a refund if it was incomplete. It took 10minutes of back and forth for them to realize how unreasonable that was. They said they didnt want any open boxes when they were all already open. I finally was able to check the item and did indeed find that there were 2 pieces missing and replaced them with pieces from one of the other open items - all the while one of your other cashiers was yelling to the stock person to "make sure they put everything they touch back exactly the same"

Selling something "as-is" is fine but the reason you tell them this is to give them a chance to be absolutely sure on what it is they are buying. Being yelled at and intimidated by your staff and management for fullfilling the customer end of the "as-is" transaction is completely unacceptable.

Sorry for the typo's - sent via my phone. I now feel sorry for the next customer to buy the other open boxes that have been stripped

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What you described is pretty rude and ignorgant on the part of the staff.

But you are lucky that these items were clearly marked "as is".

Crappy Tires sells hundreds of items that are "No warranty", meaning there is no return, no repair, no nothing. The problem is, they are not marked in any way at all - you have to check the web site or ask at Customer Service. See

The other thing to be aware of, is that ordinary products become non-returnable as soon as you use or modify it in anyway. There is no "satisfaction guarantee" at all on anything they sell. Some stores will refuse to take back any package that has been opened.

And for refunds, the official policy is that the stores have complete discretion, and can refuse any refund any time for no reason at all. That's on every single item they sell.

If you are 100% sure that you will satisfied with the product, and the price is worth it, then go ahead and buy. Otherwise don't buy from Crappy Tire!