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I needed 4 new tires so the first place I thought off was Canadian tire. I asked for the all season radials CT brand tires.

First problem was this store only had 3 tires of this kind and it would be 2 weeks before he could get the forth one.

Second problem I ran into was I knew nothing of all the extra charges. The balancing and instillation used to included in the price of the tire. This was something new.

I got the same quality tire at Kal Tire, they were in stock and it cost me 30 bucks less then Canadian tire.

How could a place like Canadian Tire not have tires in stock. ( 16 inch)


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As to extra costs... there is a tsf fee new out i believe as of 2009, in ontario not sure about anywhere else, it is $5.84 per tire bought, which takes care of all tire disposals, means you can dispose of tires at any time no cost since you pay for them when you buy them... now for intallation, if you see the auto parts counter you only get the cost of the tire but if you see the auto service counter they are able to give you a quote of the tires, tsf, installation and the taxes on a printed peace of paper..... as for not having the stock, every situation can be different perhaps they had just done a tire warrenty on 1 tire only makeing 3 availible, i dont know and probly would never be able to guess lol but as into 16", it is the most popular tire size. as i know the store i am in we stock probly a good 500 or better 16" tires, so no stock not sure on the problem there... now providing that your ctc has the tires in stock, if you can get them elsewhere for cheaper let them know and see if they will price match or beat them, in some cases we cant beat the competitors but in alot of cases we can, now automotive parts price match is a little diffent then the rest of the store, as automotive parts goes by warrenty not by exact product..... any questions please ask thank you ctc worker


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Try Green and Ross also... always get three quotes. Dealers will also price match if you have a quote or an add. Canadian Tire is actually not a good place to buy tires .... or have any service done on your car. CT has incentive deals with their staff ... the more they sell ... the more they make. Leads to lots of rip-offs and over charging for unnecessary work. Stay away.