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1. If it's on sale, they don't have any.
2. If they have any, it's not on display.
3. If it's on display, it's hidden behing a @$@%^$ glass cabinet. Come on, what am I going to do, walk out the door with a 1/2" impact wrench?
4. Good luck finding anybody to open the glass cabinet.
5. When you finally catch up with someone that wasn't able to avoid you, they don't have the key to the cabinet.
6. The computer says they have 300 in stock, but there's only two, and one is broken. The others are hidden out back, and somebody else needs to get it.
7. If it's guaranteed forever, better keep your receipt forever. The idiot behind the tool counter must figure you bought it at Sears. It's a MASTERCRAFT, for F$%k's sakes. (the people at Princess Auto seem to have this one figured out)
8. There are 5 checkout counters. Two are open. There is a 20 minute lineup at each. The old lady is buying a garden tractor for her grandson with 2400$ worth of CT money, and the clerk counts it 5 cents at a time. TWICE.
9. The chrome merry-go-round at the entrance, WTF is that all about?
10. The Canadian Tire Guy. ugh...

I'll think of more, I'm sure...



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That's all true.....:laugh: thank you for the laugh.
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Also, even if you did not buy anything, you still have to pass by the checkout ? the open checkout only. At places, you have to wait in the queue to get a chance to get out, or ring a bell (in Shoppers World, Brampton) to request to be let out.


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True story.
Employees are in the staff room, bathroom for hours, automotive backroom, and general backarea.
Customers in the store is like someone turning on all the lights... the employees scatter like roaches.

The "gold certified" training is a joke, you spend time reading kindergarden articles about products then do a multiple choice test, which you can just skip to the test and spend 1 minute doing that super fast and get your 80%. Which, IF you are smart, you don't even have to do that as there are tricks around it.

All training is done online in that ghey little program. No one goes through the stuff with you and actually shows you USEFUL information about products.

A full team of 18 year old highschool dropouts is going to be a team of FAIL.

Everyone complains that they don't have enough staff on the floor, hire more. No, they simply need to make them come out of the cubby holes as there is almost always at least 10 people on the floor. [at least at the store I worked at] We were only "allowed" 2 people in the lunch room at any given time, however only certain managers enforced this rule.

The morning cheer is stupid and doesn't boost morale. Go suckage!

Using my SIN number as my employee punch in/out number isnt my idea of a good time.

90% of pressure washers get returned due to defectiveness.

A live person may answer the phone, but that doesnt mean they want to talk to you, or that you will spend any less time on hold.

hmmmm, what else can I randomly think of....