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I was just browsing the site - I don't really have an issue with Canadian Tire (I noticed one user mentioned the name of the site might need to be changed), but am kind of a forum junkie so checked it out.

It looks like a spel chekkur might be a good idea to help some of your users out.


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We don't need spell checker. We need for the idiots to learn how to spell.
It astounds me in my daily life that I see people continually misspell various words that are commonplace in society. Wouldn't one think that they would look at these words and eventually get the idea that they should be spelled a certain way?


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I agree - know spill cheque kneaded. Oh, here's an idea.... read what you've typed before sending it. Really read it though, not just glance it over. That's how I notice my spelling mistakes. A lot of words I read in posts are spelled right, they're just not the correct word! Prove reed you're massage beef or sanding hit.