Can I assume Canadian Tire has taken over this site?


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Posts are being moderated and there is nothing new since 2010?

Why not just remove the site from the Internet. This makes C-T look really, really bad.

I hope this is just someone else trying to make C-T look bad. That's jackhole behavior. If C-T deserves to be publicly burned, so be it. If the customer with hard feelings is out to lunch, let the public burn those guys. We can see how stupid it is when someone thinks they should get a new car for free after they had a wiper blade changed and the radio no longer sounds as good. We know how bad the general public can be.

These sort of sites need to be honest and equitable. If it's just the company or just the complainers, it is not equitable and, therefore, not objective. That makes this entire site a waste of bandwidth.


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Hi TomB19,

No, Canadian Tire has not taken this site over. New users are moderated because of the troublesome users that CT has been sending to this site. This is our way of making sure that users are legitimate and not paid trolls and that users are well behaved and follow the rules. Once it is determined that a users IS legitimate (not a paid troll), they are no longer in moderation. This of course is at the Administrator's discretion. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We allow all sides, CT and customers. Good reports and bad. If you look around the site, you can see that.

Thank you.


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The idea of having a place to vent is probably advantageous for Canadian Tire. Mindless bashing doesn't help anyone but it can be helpful to have a neutral venue in which to air disagreements.

Thank you for the site. :Happy: