Canadian Tire Centre Street Napanee - Weekly Flyer


New member
Every week we receive a "weekly flyer" from CTC in our local paper.

Glancing through the flyer, we see a table lamp we are interested in, and it's on sale.

In the store we wonder around trying to find the lamp. Being unsuccessful we then search for someone to ask about the lamp. This was nearly as hard as finding the lamp. We did finally find a gal and we asked about the lamp pointing it out in the flyer. She checked stock on the computer and told us "we don't carry it". I asked: "will you be getting it". She replied "no". I then asked her: "then why is it in the flyer". She replies: "I dunno". Bewildered I ask: "then why should I shop here". She replies: "So don't" and walks away.

This is typical of the Napanee staff.