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Canadian tire is a Canadian owned and operated company if I am correct.
Let me tell you why,
Candian Tire Distribution Centre only provides work to employees registered to an agency. This agency is called Adecco. Adecco finds employees for canadian tire and hires them on for "contracts". These contracts last a limited time, but they lead you to believe that your contract will be renewed. Untill the end of November that is. Where they lay off all the agency employees.

Nothings wrong with this you might say?

Adecco employees are paid s--t, literally. They pay us 12 dollars an hour (13 after 5 weeks) to slave for their f---ing company. Mean while the people who are hired by canadian tire are getting paid 20 dollar plus an hour for doing one quarter of the work. I have been placing barbeques onto a conveyor belt sweating my a** off, when along comes a canadian tire employee sitting on his forklift. The most he has to lift all day is his hand, to honk the horn. And this man had the nerve to look at me, exhausted and dripping sweat, and laughed while shake his head. Up untill this point I was lead to believe by the warehouse manager that the hardest working agency employees would be selected by him to be hired onto candian tire. Then I started asking around, they havnt hired anyone onto canadian tire in 3 years. 3 F---ING YEARS. Let me tell you why this pisses me the f--- off

(all these calculation are estimates, and in favor of canadian tire)

We have a total of 800 employees (400 each 10 hour shift, 2 shifts per day)
Out of 800 only 100 are employed by canadian tire.
Lets say addeco makes 4 dollars off each employee they have working per hour, given adecco has offered candian tire slaves for $16 an hour compared to canadian tires employee rate of $18 an hour.
4x700=$2800 each hour adecco profit
2800x10=$28,000 each day addeco profit (10 hour days)
28,000x4=$112,000 adecco weekly profit (4 day work week)
112,000x4=$448,000 adecco monthly profit
448,000x12=$5,376,000 adecco anual gross profit
Thats half FIVE MILLION DOLLARS per year, for an agency who exploits workers offers them no benefits no job security no paid sick days no vacation pay no NOTHING. Not even a thank you for working hard today, NOTHING.

Now lets say canadian tire pays THEIR 100 employees 20 dollars an hour, using the same math formula as above (each candian tire employee I know is making over 20 an hour)

$2000 an hour
$20,000 a day
$80,000 a month
$960,000 a year canadian tire employee expense

Now lets say canadian tire is SAVING $2 dollar an hour by using 700 slaves through the agency

2x700=$1,400 hourly savings
1400x10=$14,000 daily savings
14,000x4=$56,000 weekly savings
56,000x4=$224,000 monthly savings
224,000x12=$2,688,000 YEARLY SAVINGS

So we can safely say canadian tire is saving enough money to pay their own employees for free.
$960,000 = yearly canadian tire employee expense
$2,688,000 = 2 dollars an hour saved by hiring 700 agency slaves

Wait...They have even more money to play with, so they pay off their own employees FOR FREE and still save over a million and a half???? And why do you think our country is in recession????

I am DISGUSTED, completly DISGUSTED by the actions of this canadian company. Exploiting the own citizens of their country in order to make profit. And them dumping them like trash at a curb when the end of November comes. If it wern't for all the imigrant workers hired by the agency who barely speak english and are affraid to defend their own rights as a canadian citizen I would be stageing a protest/riot right now as we speak. I would be on the news talking to you through your tv screen while you sit in the comfort of your own home explaining to you all these numbers and figures as evidence why why we burned down agency buildings and broke canadian tire windows, why we held Canadian tire corporate members hostage in their own offices untill they agreed to speak to us.


You people may never hear from me again, you may never know who I am. But I want each one of you to get mad, I want you to get as mad as hell and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. STOP FEELING SORRY ALREADY AND GET MAD.

I dont know what to do about the war in iraq, i dont know what to do about the palestinian state. I couldnt tell you what to do about the poverty in third world countries i cant tell you what to do about the rising suicide rates of natives living on canadian settlements, or the oil spill, or the lies youv been told by your polititians.

But what I do know is that first you have to get MAD, you have to get ANGRY and FURRIOUS and feel that RAGE that makes you want to FLIP CARS and SET BUILDINGS ON FIRE and BREAK WINDOWS and hold corporate members HOSTAGE IN THEIR OWN OFFICES.

Then we can worry about the war in iraq and the palestinian state and poverty in third world countries and the rising suicide rate of natives living on canadian settlements and the oil spills and the lies youv been told by your polititians.

CT Me / Lawguy

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Whoever you are, I pray that you never grace the halls of my company. Clearly you have zero control over your emotions. YOu're mad as hell? Be mad at yourself because you haven't developed the skills/abilities to get promoted, earn a higher wage etc. Don't be mad at a company for hiring you.

Flipping cars, burning shit and taking hostages is a little thing the Police like to call, criminal acts. I'm sure the wage in jail is less then $12.00 / hr

Your math seems slightly off.
1) gross profit equates to sweet fuck all. $5 million gross. Minus business tax, insurance, employee costs for the recruiters and administrators, computers, paper, ink, phones, offices, advertising and on and on.
2) your calculation of Canadian tire employees only accounts for hourly wage. Your earliest beef was benefits. Factor in benefits costs, plus what CTC has to pay addeco for their recruiting/hiring services and the number becomes more realistic.

Did you ever ask yourself WHY CT uses a temporary recruiting agency? to cope with seasonal peaks and valleys. In December and January when there is fuck all being shipped/sold, they don't need a bunch of people standing around at $12.00/hr with nothing to do.

Suck it up princess, or develop some skills that will land you long term, permanent work. Go join a Union, seems like you want the world for free handed to you. Union work might just give you that opportunity

Repack Shakur

f*ck Canadian Tire as a staff, distribution company, and as a motherf*ckin crew, and if your down with Canadian Tire then f*ck you too!


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It's hard not to sympathize with the spontaneous out-pouring of righteous anger by the unfortunate workers who have to tolerate these terrible employers.

But I guess it's easier if you are the terrible employer, LOL!


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i think its funny because companys loser money by paying agency's but the use them for seasonal work or for filtering out people like you and i know plenty of people who never got layed off and there contract got continuedd so suck it up bud


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i think its funny because companys loser money by paying agency's but the use them for seasonal work or for filtering out people like you and i know plenty of people who never got layed off and there contract got continuedd so suck it up bud

The full extent of your wit, intellect and charm all shine clearly through in the wording, tone and pace of your fascinating post.

I’m sure your meteoric ascent to the higher echelons of your beloved Crappy Tire is approaching its zenith!

Yes, a very good 'organizational fit', methinks.



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I actually don't work for crappy tire i just love how people complain about a company when its doing whats best for them welcome to the corporate world. If your not happy find another job.


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Hmmmmm ....

So,"whats" this un-named company where you are such a "happyworker", but isn't a Crappy Tire store?

Is it too late for you to apply at good old' CT?

"i" am still certain "your" a good person for Crappy to hire.
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With people like this working the warehouse no wonder the stuff CT carry's looks crushed to f***ing shit...


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With people like this working the warehouse no wonder the stuff CT carry's looks crushed to f***ing shit...

Why don't you hire guys who have university a degree then? Afraid you will lose your management job because you are a high school dropout?


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I find the comments on this thread a joke.

What I mean is that most companies will do anything to screw people around.

Why do you think that management "hires" temp staff. So they can treat them like shit and get bonuses at the end of the year. For looking like they keep costs down. Oh yeah. Did I mention that the management can also look prolific in their treatment of staff. but let 's not ask the temps.

I have to go right ahead and say that they must be consistent in their management of stores and warehouses. The supervisors and management in the retail stores have about two brain cells to rub together

Just one last thing. Who is questioning the invoices? Considering they lack the ability to retain staff. Is it any wonder why the invoices seem funny. Management decided to hire temps
For anybody who reads this website keep posting it because upper management is reading these posts everyday. In fact, they have tried to close this website and actually tried to convince the Judge that the word "crappy tire" and "canadian Tire" are the same and the judge says something like I never knew the word Canadian and crappy were synonomous.

Anyways, for anyone going through the frustrations of working at CTC in Brampton, ON you are reading the thoughts of CTC AJ Billes Distribution center's most despised shipper. Let me tell you how much they fear me - one day I was with my ex g/f at DQ and i seen one of my old managers getting ice cream with his kids after the kids played hockey. When i seen him leave I left my g/f got this person's attention and he rushed the kids in the minivan, piut it in reverse and squealed it out of the parking lot. Of course i had to hear a mouthfull from the ex but it was well worth it.

Another time i seen some full timers in rexdale and as they were walking towards me both F/t employees pinned their backs to the wall to wait for me to pass - they literally wet their pants.

I don't care how bad you think it is at CTC it can't be worse than the following:

Have you had your coat pocket picked to have "loss prevention" sift through the lint in your coat pocket to determine if there was any weed so they had an excuse to fire you and not pay your bonuses before the deadline ? i have had it done to me personally!!

Were you ever searched without cause on your way inside to see if you stole anything ?? yup that too

Have you had your managers use a stop watch to time your breaks ? have you ever had a manager use a stop watch to time how long you have stayed in the bathroom ?? i seen it done.....

This is a true Story: have you ever been fired for a taking a Black Crayola marker out of a tote? well it's true, crappy tire couldn't prove that it was stolen since he said that the took it from his kid so he sued them and made a small fortune. All i can tell you is that it was a full-timer over 10 years ago.

here's another one: full timer injures himself on Tuesday, stays home on Wednesday with pay and shows up on Thursday morning and gets fired. he made a bundle off that severance deal

How about this one: student gets injured and the modified duties form basically said he couldn't lift his penis to take a leak so they leave him at home and they send him mail to stamp from home. The father of this part timer requests rental fee of $80.00 per day that CTC did not agree to pay so they send him around the warehouse to do a 10 hr shift of posting emergency phone numbers on each phone. just leave the guy at home with pay.

6 weeks after the spring bonus this same student was almost arrested for attempted bomb threats but this student was smart, he called his lawyer right in front of 5 people, one of the HR managers realized tat he was calling his lawyer and loss prevention guy took his cell phone fired him then walked him out where the student mocked them all the way to his car. let me tell you something, did you think that this student just accidentally had his lawyer's number that handy? nope, he was warned by a professional lawyer how CTC works.

You see, CTC Brampton is a classic case of systematic discrimination. Suppose they were to come after me I now work for the UFCW Union I would get free representation and I know exactly the info I would request to prove my case - employee records. You see, before the student bonus payout they look for any reason to fire their part timers to save money. and they wait right before the bonus to fire these people. Like of that student that was to get arrested for attempted bomb threats......if he really did such a thing how fast do you think the police would be called in to arrest that kid? seriously think about it !

All I have to say to those part time workers, isn't it better to work full time at Food basics for $ 2.00 less an hour and work in a nicer environment? is all that monotony or heavy weight worth busting your hump for work an extra $80.00 per week?