What do you hate most about Crappy Tire

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I wanted to share with everyone my crappy experience at Crappy Tire...

I bought some stop leak anti-freeze, and kept it in my vehicle. I didn't need it after all, and when I brought it back to get a refund, they would not take it because it was partially frozen.

I was pretty pissed off, because it is stop leak, not chocolate!

Anyhow, I put the stop leak bottle on my defroster, cranked it up and drove to another Crappy tire, where I got my money back.

Keep this in mind when purchasing something from Crappy Tire - make sure your item is thawed if frozen!
Wow, just when we thought we'd heard every excuse to refuse a legitimate return ... they invent a brand new one!

No wonder Canadian consumers gave them a grade of F for their Crappy customer service.
Houston, did I read your post correctly?! Stop leak anti-freeze? How absurd...anti-freeze shouldn't freeze. They obviously sold you a crappy product in the first place!

Any excuse not to take back a sh... product.