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This gentleman doesn't seem very impressed:

Kyle J.: I have tried to find a place on here to vent my frustration with my local Canadian Tire Store but this threat spot is as good as any. Chelmsford Ontario Canadian Tire service is awful...almost every time I enter. Heaven forbid I ask for help and disturb them from their work. Hellllloooo I am the reason you have work...customer service has really gone to the dogs. If i ask a question it is simply this is not my department go to Isle 5. Of course no one is to be find there or even in that area. Rainchecks ..don't even get me started. Automotive.....yikes that is scary...I might as well sign them a blank check and give them my kids for collateral. And for regular stock items well I am just pushing the envelop hoping they actually have something so lets not even talk about flyer items. One thing I can count on... the words '' We don't have that one...we can order it for you!'' Seriously ...the Canadian tire 20 minutes away usually have 8 or so in stock. What a JOKE! There I feel better now.. of to Home Hardware where the service is always with a smile!