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I'm a geezer now having spent much of my life originally in Brampton I could fill your head with all kinds of stories about Canadian Tire.

Here's one for this location....

I had (back when I used to deal with CTC.. I no longer do at all) a vehicle in this location for certification prior to selling the vehicle. It was an Austin Mini.. the mechanics didn't have a clue about it but they passed it. That's not the story though.

While there a woman came in with an older Chev with a column shift. (I told you I was a geezer) She complained it wouldn't shift. Kept jamming in neutral. The mechanics looked at it, tried to shift it, couldn't and told her the entire column would have to be replaced. She almost cried. Obviously couldn't afford the expense. They moved the car outside and the woman sat in it staring at the dash.

Now I've worked on cars myself for years. I only take them in when I need an official certification. I have a relatively low opinion of mechanics. Then and now.

I walked over the lady with a 9/16 and 1/2 inch wrench in my hand and asked her if I could have a look at her problem. She said Ok.

I opened the hood and realigned the shift gate. The clamp on one of the rods coming from the transmission had slipped. I tightened it all up asked her to try it and it worked perfectly. I then asked her if she had a teenage son that used the car on occasion. She confessed yes she did. I told he's probably been racing it and banging the shifts. So I guess I got a young boy in trouble..!! Oh well..

Just then however, the counter person came out of CTC to tell her it would cost her in the $1,000 range to have the car fixed and they had found a column for her. I said gee that was fast.

As I walked away I heard her furry telling them that they wanted to charge for what I just did for free.

This and many other things I have experienced with CTC have made me an X Customer. Only an idiot goes into Canadian Tire.

Also what really pisses me off now is that CTC Got the gas contract for the 401 Onroutes. Have you seen what they charge for gas there????? Who did they pay off to get this???