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just wrote our entire ct story (and it was a good one too) hit submit new thread as I'm about to again and had the (you are not logged in) message pop up and lost the entire post
goodbye ctsf
fix your glitches


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We are deeply sorry that you lost all that you had typed out. This is NOT a glitch, this is a security built into the software that prevents your login information and email address from being accessed by another person on the same computer. For example, if you were using a public computer at a library, the software is set (no matter the computer) to log out a user after 15 minutes automatically. This can be altered by checking the "Remember Me" box under the login boxes when logging in. This security is user protection. Unfortunately, for new sign-ups, the option does not appear to select because you are automatically logged in when verifying email address. In this case, you would have to log out and log back in with the "Remeber Me" box selected.

See FAQ: General Forum Usage

It is a minor inconvenience for security purposes. We do hope that you come back and make your post, even though you were discouraged from the first attempt.

We just want the word spread about the practices of Canadian Tire as a company and to hopefully get them to change their ways for the better. Every story helps that cause.


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Hey, brogreg:

This has happened to me, too, but the 'fix' is the "Remember Me" button, as described.

In general, when typing any text into any website (including Hotmail and Facebook), I've learned to periodically do a copy (Contriol-C), so that I don't lose anything. I'll even paste text into Word or Wordpad to be sure. If it's a long post, consider writing it up in a word processor (maybe with spell checking), then paste onto the web site.

Looking forward to hearing your story!

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