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hey everyone...great site. kinda like a self help group for those of us who have been screwed around by our famous Canadian icon, Canadian Tire Stores Ltd.

I took the opportunity to read some of the posts, and I still truly believe that the term 'customer service' is no longer in the company mission statement or instore policy of many of the CT store locations, especially here in the greater Montreal area, where customer service is as foreign a concept as an english road sign. The CT store's policy should read: "Get them in...Get the cash...Get them out"

Then..when you are dis-satisfied with a product, you can e-mail, write, call, or pray to the corporate head office and wait for some resolution to your problem. I am just thankfull I didn't threaten to hold my breath, or you'd be reading my obituary instead of this thread.

And for all of the obvious CT owner / operators who comment on here about how running a CT store is putting you in the poorhouse...please. If the store motto wasn't "ignore the customer at all costs", you'd have more return customers. And let's face it, if you were not making a hefty profit, you'd be getting out of this particular business. The only saving grace for C T stores is that there is beginning to be one on every street corner like Tim Horton's, so they are handy for every day items when the local dollar store is closed.

I can remember a time when I would gladly head to the local CT, and was surprised if the item I needed wasn't in stock, and when the clerk would almost break a speed record running to the storage room just to make sure that there "isn't one hiding in the back"
Now...I don't even bother. I'll head to any other retailer to insure that I won't have to go to CT.

Sorry for the long ramble..but jeeeees it feels good to get this off my chest. I will continue to wait for the reply from CT, but now will have ample reading material on this forum to pass the time. as I presume it to be a long wait. I am prepariing my signs...painting slogans on my car...and just maybe....I'll have my winter temporary storage garage just in time for spring planting! I have managed to cover my summer tools and equipment with these HUGE garbage bags that were on sale at Walmart last week, so I guess there's no hurry now.

Cheers all!!!!!

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