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Canadian Tire Gander is abysmal in every possible aspect. The store is newer than the one in Grand Falls-Windsor and Lewisporte, they moved from their old location on Bennett Drive (now Shoppers Drug Mart) directly across the road to the Gander Mall (formerly Walmart, who moved to Roe Avenue's business park) and with that move came a bigger, brighter store and horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE service.

It didn't all happen at once, but I've noticed over the years that Canadian Tire Gander has been on a steady downfall with no end in sight. The staff there just don't want to help you, they don't want to see you, they don't want your business. They're rude, clueless, dare I ask inept, just not even worth talking to. Customer service at the front (and the front check-outs) tend to be a breeding ground for horrible cashiers, they put the teenagers up on the back entrance (through the mall) and they seem to be half-decent and they even occasionally smile which is saying something for this store.

I went there today to pick up a vacuum cleaner. After rolling her eyes and groaning, the person I asked to help me typed in the item number on her little keypad and the computer said that there were 4 in stock. I asked where I could find them, she said "I don't know, figure it out yourself". That was probably the last straw for the Gander Canadian Tire for me... I drove to Lewisporte and picked up one there instead.

Edit: I should add that there were none in stock on the shelf in the aisle marked "vaccums", so I assume they were in the back somewhere and she was just too lazy to get one/call someone to get one for me.