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Here's the best example why Canadian Tire Sucks

The carry their own line of cheap crap tools called JOBMATE
I received this tool for a father's day gift this year 2008
This tool will NOT shut OFF! The switch is stuck in the on position!
Very dangerous and very unsafe.
I called CTC for help and they said call the number in my owners manual!!!
I threw that crap out with the box it came in!
After on hold for 8 minutes I got a number from the store clerk 1800 689 9928 CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS he gave me a number for a NON WORKING MERCHANT SERVICES? Now I'm back on hold trying to get the number again!!!
Finally I got JOBMATE number 1 866 562 6283
Upon speaking with the customer service rep (BARB) I was told no receipt no
And after 1 year too bad!!
Wait a minute this is a safety issue.! This is no difference than purchasing a vehicle long after the warranty is over and having a seat belt that wont disengage !
Sorry even if it catches on fire and burns your house down your out of luck!
Now I have a number for JIN DING the manufacturer 1 866 349 8665 ext 203
which is now looking into the matter.
They just got back to me and said it is not their product it is a company called CHERVON
Call back to Jobmate!
Now after speaking to customer service again they tell me that that company is no longer in business and I'm out of luck!
She suggest I go back to the CTC store and kiss the managers ass and see what they will do for me.

What a bunch of SCAMMERS!