As I write this, I wonder why I ever go back to Canadian Tire. I guess it is because they do have some really good deals, but their csutomer servive leaves alot to be desired.

2 years ago I bought their 20hp yardworks tractor when it was on sale. I did not want to have to deal with a part time student with this particular purchase so I asked to speek with the manager. He was not available, so I got the assistant manager. I bought it with a few accessories including the bagger, so with tax it came to almost $3000. As we rolled it out, I noticed that the front tire was flat. No problem, they took the tire off, brought it to the service centre at the other end of the store and filled it up. They put the tire back on and we began rolling it outside to be loaded on my awaiting utility trailer. They were reluctant to help me load it on the trailer and it took quit a bit of convincing for them to lend me a hand. When we finally got it in the trailer, i noticed that the tire was once again flat. I pointed it out to the assistant manager and his response was "sorry, not our problem. After sales repairs are done by garage Lavigne" (garage lavigne is a third party who provides warrantee service). At this point, in frustration, I asked him to unload it so I could return it and get a refund. Surprisingly, he agreed which took me off guard. I was certain this would have stimulated his thought process a little bit, but no. Anxious to get this machine home to get the grass cut, I back tracked and suggested that they remove the fromt wheel from one of their 17hp machines (same part number) and he declined saying that it would not be possible. That did it. I told them to get it out of my trailer, and I was going to get a refund. While I was at the counter, the manager returned and intervened. Finally they did remove the wheel from the 17HP machine and loaded it back in my trailer.
If it where my business I would have fired the incompetent assistant manager, yet, a few years later this guy is still there. With so many people looking for work, can they not find people with a minimum of clent services skills? Or maybe some training for the ones that are not performing? It makes me wonder if they really care. I have seen large canadian retail companies fall from grace before and in this economy client services may be the only value that would keep them alive.