Tempo 620 - Warranty Line does not answer


Posted by an unregistered user
Do not buy anything from Crappy Tire and expect manufacturer warranty . . . that is, don't buy anything at Crappy Tire where they offer warranty. Head to Costco and your future problems are solved.

Bought Tempo 620 about 1.5 years ago. The motor craps out and when dialing the Tempo support line at 1-800-244-4921, you're put on hold for 2 hours and no one answers. They offer a call back feature, and after leaving two messages a day for 5 days IN A ROW, they are still working on their queue to get to me.

This is ridiculous and Crappy Tire should work with their manufacturers to provide better service or don't carry this junk. And going to the store to talk to them is meaningless.

Short story . . . don't buy anything from Crappy Tire that offers manufacturer warranty.