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ok we all get you don't like this site and love taking it in the face from CT for wooden nicklels. so why don't you start your own site about how "canadian tire is so awsome" in your own words, maybe , and see how many peoppe post there that arent you under differnt names. oh and nissan/datsun own the word awsome watch some old 300zx/240z commercials.


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I think mastercraft is a GM in a BC store. I worked for one in Northern BC and the guy pretty much had a Canadian Tire logo tattooed on his butt he was such a suck-up.

Seriously, this guy was wierd. He would work all day in the store, bother the hell out of employees, then go home and work for CT some more. And he would do this all week. This is fine when your young, but he was 40, married and with a new son. Even the military doesn't have such devotion. He was a creepy wacko.